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My Camping/Survival Gear

Kelty Redwing 3100

Katadyn Hiker Microfilter
Nalgene Osprey HydraForm 2L Resevoir
2 1L Nalgene HDPE Water Bottles

ENO Doublenest Hammock
Therm a Rest Tech Blanket In Kelty Compression Sack
Kelty Stellar 50' Sleeping Bag
Thermarest Z-Lite
Exped Multimat
Kelty Noahs Tarp 9' w Pegs/Guyline

Sweedish Light My Firesteel
AMK Sparklite
UST Sparky
UST Wetfire
AMK Tinderquik
BIC Lighter
Stormproof/Windproof Matches
1 9 Hr Candle
4 Esbit solid Fuel Tabs

Fenix LD20 w Diffuser
Streamlight Stylus Pro
Princeton Tec Fuel 4 Headlamp
Black Diamond Icon LED Headlamp
Maglight Solitaire
Mini Mag
Extra AA/AAA Batteries
1 12 Hr Glowstick

Ontario Ranger Afgan Bush Knife 5in
TOPS American Trail Maker
Boker Dozier Anchorage Pro Skinner
Leatherman Core Multi Tool
Victorinox SAK
Gerber Folder
Gerber 1 Saw
Folding Saw
Easton ATR-60 Aluminum Trekking Poles
Smiths 2 in 1 Sharpener

Optimus Terra Weekend Cookset
Coleman Max Ultralight Stove
1 Fuel Canister
GSI Tekk Cutlery Set
Aluminum Foil

100' 550 Cord
Brunton Baseplate Compass
Outdoor Products Baseplate Compass
3in1 Whistle Compass Match Holder
20 14" Zip Ties
AMK 2 Person Heatsheet
Small Space Blanket
Disposable Poncho
4 Wetones Towels
2 Shamwows
Cleaning/Polishing Cloth
TOPS Emergency Signal Mirror
TOPS Emergency Whistle
Small Notepad

First Aid Kit is in the process of being rebuilt.

Im not sure of an exact weight but its around 30ish pounds.
I know the knives will be changing as soon as my package comes in from the OKS.
This is the pack I take with me anytime I go into the bush. Sometimes more usually not less.
I know there are things that could come out but this pack fulfills all of my needs when im out.

LMK what you guys/gals think,
Thanks Bill

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Like it was said, it seems there are a lot of copies of the same things. Even if it only weighs 30 lbs, which doesn't include carrying your water or your food (which weighs a lot). You also need to include your clothing. I went on a 6 day hike solo and my K2 Shortbed came in at a little over 70 lbs. I would say pack it up with not only your stuff, but everything you plan on taking and weigh it. Walk around and feel how it carries. Remember if you are hiking you are not going to be on level ground. roots and rocks WILL trip you. How does it feel off balanced. Good luck, all good stuff. Post up some pics.

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I can stay in the bush indefinitely Im always dressed appropriate for the season, in the winter I wear heavyweight merino wool baselayer, Polartech fleece, ski pants, and 3 in 1 parka with accompanying footwear and headwear.

I do carry a 2 extra pairs of underarmor cold gear socks and liners, no matter when Im going out.

I have packed everything up, and used it multiple times. Its not overly heavy for me its rather comfortable. Thats everything listed 4-6 liters of water and about 5 lbs assorted food.

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The tops American Trail Maker is new Its in there so I can take it out and thump on it to test it

As for the tools and knives theontario marine raider sp10 and the CS Rifleman's hawk don't always go out and the condor 5in bushcraft basic usually doesn't go out either

any questions just shoot them my way, the only thing missing is my kelty sleeping bag its in the truck which my wife has right now

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yea nice set up of stuff, mine is kind of similar but recently ive been trying to take out some of the redundancies like not having 4 flashlights and a headlight but just maybe 2 good lights and a headlight stuff like that. Your gear does look in way better condition than mine i mean i dont beat on my stuff but its got its fair share of dings and dents especially my main knife.

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it is alot but, and the idea with that much stuff is I can survive indefinitely if needed.

as for the knives I have quite a few so I always carry multiple knives so they all get used and woods tested.
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