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i bought this for about $9 on ebay, well worth it.

(ignore the swiss army knife, minnie mouse spoon and masterlock improvised blackjack, this pic was for something else but i'm using it to show this knife opened...looks like i deleted the other pics i had on photobucket, i'll edit this after reuploading them)

3 inch liner locking blade that opens with either the dual thumbstuds or partial hand gaurd/ flip ridge (my personal preferance). there are also similar models that open with a thumb wheel and a few that are assisted opening (i think), and some different color variations as well as law enforcement, firefighter, emt and military themed versions.

the handle is aluminum, and has a razor integrated into it for the purposes of seatbelt or paracord cutting (basically anything that fits in the little grove can be cut) without opening the 440 stainless steel blade. the pommel of the handle also has a square pyramid glass breaker (which i haven't had the oppurtunity to test, but the razor on the other part cuts 5-50 cord wonderfully). it also has a pocket clip, which is great for these types of knives making them easier to access and therefore easy and quicker to deploy.

right out of the box it was pretty sharp, but a few grinds against a sharpening stone will leave it almost razor sharp, and it holds a good edge.

it is also pretty light, though this makes the point of balance on the finger groove protrusion between the pointer and middle finger grips (which really doesn't matter greatly). the only complaints i have so far is that the blade came lose and was not closing properly, but this was easily fixed by simply tightening the little circle on the end without the pocket clip with a thumbtack. i doubt that will happen again. the other complaint would be that the black coating is starting to rub off the blade a little bit from where the blade comes into contact with the hanle while opening and closing, as well as the pocket clip. but this happens with all coated knives and is just a cosmetic concern.

i've seen this brand of knife at flea markets and such a lot, though they usually go for around $15-$20 at such places, still worth even that much but if you do some shopping around online, mainly ebay, you can get this knife and others like it for about what i paid (that's where the knife retailers at the flea market tend to buy them anyways if not buying from a wholesaler).

the only down side for some people would be that it's made in china (blade says "usa design, handcrafted in china)
though i do think it's an american company. either way it's not a cheaply made chinese knife, just cheap.

i'd recommend this knife to anyone looking for a decent tactical style folder, not as good as the sog knives and other higher end knives it's meant to be an alternative to, but definately well worth the price.
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