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MRE’s, Emergency Supplies Selling Fast As Economy Worries Set In

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mre'sOur recommended supplier of MRE’s (mre meals ready to eat) and other emergency supplies still has inventory. Nitro-pak is one of the nations leading suppliers of emergency preparedness foods and supplies.Visit Nitro-PakSome are hunkering down ...

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Look up on Ebay. I saw a bunch there yesterday. I believe in good ole fashion canned goods. Yet, I am investigating how to preserve for long term dehydrated foods.
A canning machine might be a nice thing to have too.
+1 for canned foods ,(1)MRE's are too expensive to have enough on hand to build a several month supply.(2) Also MRE"s are not recommended to be eaten for more than 30 consecutive days do to the chemical preservatives.(3)How many menus will you actually like in a random case of MRE's? (4) I have 2 cases of MRE's on hand, just for some diversity of preps, but I think canned products are much more affordable and easier to select things you will enjoy eating. (5) Most canned goods have a 2-3 year shelf life and a simple rotation is all that is required to maintain a fresh pantry.(6) You don't know what temperate conditions MRE"s have been kept in, before you purchased them. If they have spent time in a hot warehouse ,their expiration date has been drastically compromised,without you even knowing it.
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Mountain House #10 cans have been hard to find for a while from what I've heard. I'm glad I found this site and started prepping harder (I had some preps, but now I have many more) before things started running out.
A lot of the MREs on Ebay right now are coming out of Houston - go figure that one out. Three years ago, most of the MREs were coming out of the New Orleans area.

This means - when disaster strikes one part of the nation, people will be trying to make money off the supplies the government handed out. We should take advantage of those situations to strengthen ourselves and our families.

Personally, I know people that are stocking up on any canned goods, reduced meats or anything else they can get their hands on. One guy I know has been ordering cases of dried foods for the past 6 months.
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