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I have shopped around all over for medical supplies over the years. I was recently tipped off by a friend about the website I truly wish I had found this place years ago. The selection, as well as the prices, are extremely reasonable.

Just some examples. All in sealed sterile packs

Suture removal kit - Forceps, scissors, gauze, ect. $4.39

Wound Irrigation kit - Irrigation Syringe, gauze, drainage tray - $1.20

Laceration Prep Tray kit - Anesthetic syringe and needles, forceps, hemostats, tweezers, ect, ect, $10.25

2% Lidocaine Injectable 50 ml vial -Hospital Grade - $17.95

16 oz 10% Iodine - $4.95

Sutures, IV's, surgical supplies, ect. All quality hospital supplies. Not garbage Ebay and Amazon stuff.

I personally have never encountered a site with comparable prices. Get 10% off with the code "REORDER". There are several others also. Shipping is free over $100. I strongly suggest you get those last minute things you've been "I'm gonna get...."

I really feel we are all on the last leg of this journey. Time is short. The window is closing. Best of luck to you all.

PS - I know this is in the wrong category. There are typically 10X more eyes browsing these threads, and people need to get on this.

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I always like BP Medical out of NY.

Fast shipping, massive selection, and extremely competitive pricing.

Put them in your link list as well when you go shopping for medical supplies.
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