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Mossberg 500 recoil butt pad thingy

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This may seem to be knickpicking but it's rather bothersome to me. I have a Mossberg Persuader, when you throw the gun up to your shoulder, that butt recoil built in thingy is made of soft rubber like and it doesn't move around easily if you want to say, raise it up a little, friction like against your clothing...I like how my Marlin rifles butt pad (not a cushioned one), it s l i d e s easily if you want to reposition it on your shoulder...the Mossberg's seems to not allow this due to the type of rubber, any ideas? spray it with some kind of sealant something or other?
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You know Spud, nobody likes a know it all! *LOL* like duh, I actually hadn't thought of that, thanks.
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I have no idea if any of these will work. I don't have my 500 in front of me, but you could try to put on a slip on recoil pad, and it may stop the sliding. You could also maybe buy a plastic end to a buttstock, and attach it to the buttstock. Like I said I don't know if it will work or not, but it is something to think about.
This may seem to be knickpicking but it's rather bothersome to me.
That's the #1 problem with the guns today being used for HD/SD or tactical use. Rubber pads stick to everything.

You can try spraying it down with some PAM or something similar, but I, and most everyone else that knows the diff, will suggest that you dump the pad entirely and go back to a hard plastic buttplate instead. The loss of an inch in pull length and the loss of the rubber sticking to everything is like night and day.

I'm going to try that route, a hard plastic buttplate, so I'm not the only one that this sticking to everything built in recoil bad is bothersome to.
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