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the JIC seems kinda gimmicky.

First off, it's already an 18.5" barrel, so you wont be triming it down anymore (legally that is). and it's cylinder bore with no provision for a choke which wont make it much of a hunt'n gun unless maybe for doves or something. it's also a 5+1 shot model which the tacticool types will scoff at (i only own 6 shots myself.. but hey tactical aint my thing). and of course the whole pistol grip thing.

You can get the 3 in one feild/security combo for less than what you'd pay for the cheapest JIC series, which will come with the 18.5" barrel, a 28" vent rib bird barrel, and a pistol grip along with the standard stock. You;ll even have some change leftover to go buy that knox stock and make your own PVC pipe tube. (you may wish to purchase a different choke for the 28" barrel i think it comes with a Mod and you'd prolly like something more like an IC for skeet or slug shooting).

me personally, i'd buy two used pumps for $75 a piece and spend the rest on ammo, but ima cheapskate like that. :)

the knox stocks i really cant speak to, cuz ive never had one and never really seen a need for it. people who have them seem to like them.
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