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keep the 1300 win

The J.I.C. line up seems to be to be no more then a marketing ploy after Katrina. Is it worth the extra for a pvc pipe case and some fish hooks etc. Or just get a Mossberg Persuader or better yet a 590A1, plastic case and fish hooks not included.
Not to mention a pistol grip shotgun may not be the ideal close range weapon despite it's Hollywood attributes.
Agreed. Just get the plain old 500 or 590

Well after checking out some Mossy 590A1's and an equally equipped Remington 870 Tactical. Overall the 870 Tac felt better in hand and I was told by the guy helping me that after working with (and on) both guns for the last 20+ years he would go with the 870. And the 870 was also $369 whereas the 590A1 was $479. So that means I am in the process of selling a couple flashlights and Im going to use my Winchester 1300 for a trade in (Theyre only going to give me around $150 for it so I may just sell it outright to a private owner)
Big 5 around here sells the 590s for 329-399. You can get a 500 field combo for around 229-250. You can get an 870 for around 329-360 around here all these are the sales prices we have been paying.. What is wrong with your your 1300 win? They are good guns and will do everythings these others will and you can get magazine extensions and side saddles for these too, as well as a tac rail. I got a 1300 shadow before y2k and it has served me well. I'll see if I got the pic with the extesion and rail and side saddle. I would keep it! jmho:thumb:
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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