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Ya mushrooms, Anybody gathering them yet? Isnt it that time of year? I'm in minnesota and I think its a bit early but I'd like to try it this year so any suggestions would be welcome.
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We used to see them where I am in Ontario when I was a kid, but I haven't seen one in over 30's a shame....I love them!
We found 5 little grays from the 4-wheeler yesterday. The hubby spotted a huge yellow up on a hill. It's almost as long as my hand. We'll go out again tonight, we live on the river bottom and mushrooms spring up here pretty early.
I live in Northwest Missouri, there are several people finding them around here. I am going to wait it out till this weekend before I go out, I do not really eat many of them but my friends and family enjoy them and I like to be in the woods so I will find a ton and have a big ol shroom and fish fry for my friends and family :)
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