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On Friday I was given a couple huge bushels of rosehips. They were a bit too far gone to make jelly but perfect for making wine. After reading the thread here on witchcraft, I decided to invite RoseMary, the women in the area that calls herself a hedge witch to help me with them as there were more than one person with a busted leg could handle.

Wild we gabbed away the two days it took to process all of the rosehips she gave me several different recipes for wild plants to be used as medicinals. I thought I'd share some with you.

Disclaimers--yeah, yeah, I hate these things too but I'm listing these recipes for academic use only. Try them at your own risk. There, now you've been warned, don't sue me if you try them and things don't work out.:)

Willow Wine Pain Reliever

3 cups white wine-the sweeter the better because willow can be quite bitter
3 T willow inner bark, dried and crushed

Put the bark into the wine and macerate-shaking daily-for 1 month
Drink 2T 3 times a day with food for headaches, migraines, stomachache or rheumatism attacks. (or to take the ache out of a broken leg)

Birch Bath
2lbs of fresh birch leaves
16 cups of water
natural fiber bag or pillow case

Bring water to boil, while that is happening put birch leaves in bag and tie closed tightly. Immerse the bag into the water and boil for ten minutes. Let cool slightly. Put a tub of water and pour the consentrated leave liquid into the tub. Use the pouch of leaves to rub on the body. The sap will be sticky. Make certain you are feeling any signals your body is sending you, if you feel your heart race then step out and take a cooling shower when you calm down. Done 30 consecutive days will help with joint pains and muscle aches.

Valerian relaxing drink
1 1/2 oz of fresh valerian root washed and dried for two hours
1 cup of white wine, the more acidic the better

Crush roots either in food processor or pestle and combine with wine. Macerate for one month, shaking daily for one month. Strain. When nervous take 10 drops in morning on empty stomach, repeat at noon and at night as needed. For insomnia 20 drops half and hour before bed

St. John's Wort Oil
2 cups olive oil
2 oz St John's Wort flower

Put st john's wort into a colored jar and cover with oil. Cover jar with a natural fiber cloth, holding it on with a rubber band. Macerate for 2 months, stirring regularly.
This oil can treat mild burns, sunburns, cuts, scrapes, neuralgia, and muscle aches and pains.

Rasberry Vinegar
4 cups apple cider vinegar
1 lb wild raspberries

Crush the raspberries with a pestle and macerate in the vinegar for 10 days. Strain. Bottle in dark glass bottles and store in a cool place. Use to treat flu, fatigue, and for mild cases of high blood pressure

Plantain Juice
3 cups fresh plantain leaves
1 cup honey
cheese cloth

Crush leaves with food processor or pestle put in cheese cloth and squeeze out as much juice as you can save any and all juice. Combine 1 cup of juice with honey and simmer on low heat for 10 minutes. Let cool and pour int dark bottles. Take one spoonful at a time to treat cough, sore throat and fatigue

Peppermint Pain Relieving Oil
1 1/2 cup pf dried peppermint leaves
2 cups olive oil

Combine in a glass jar and store away from the light for 1 to 2 months. Shake every three days. Strain and store away from the light. Rub onto areas of pain like headaches or sore muscles.

Motherwort Tincture
1 cup vodka or other other alchol about 60 to 90m proof
2 oz fresh motherwort leaves

Combine ingredients in a glass jar and let sit for one month away from the light. Take 10 drops at a time three times a day for calming or pain during menses or when hormone levels fluctuate. Acts as an aphrodisiac in some cases because of the leveling out of hormones.

Maidenhair Fern Syrup
2 cups fresh maidenehair fern leaves
4 cups water
2 cups honey

Boil leaves in water for 3 minutes, cover and infuse for 3 hours. Strain the decoction, keeping the liquids. Gently melt in the honey without bringing to a boil. Pour the mixture into a glass jar or bottle and store in the refrigerator. Use within 2 months. In case of chronic lung or chest problems take 1 or 2 T diluted in water 3 times a day.

Lossestrife Salve
1 1/2 oz beeswax
3 oz butter
3 oz white sugar
1/12 oz purple loosestrife flowers dried and crushed

Melt the wax, add butter, sugar, and loostrife. Simmer on low heat for 15 minutes. Strain. Fill glass jars and cool before sealing. Store in cool place. Used to treat weeping wounds and ulcers, mildly astrigent and antibiotic.

Horsetail Powder(I use this for broekn toenails on dogs)
Dry horsetail very weel.
Heat in a castiron frying pan at a pretty high heat. Stir fast with a wooden spoon until it becomes a fine powder. Store in a tightly sealed glass jar. Used to stop bleeding. Can be mixed in warm water to soothe heartburn.

Mullien Oil
Pick spikes from mullein plant when in full flower. Break apart and cover in olive oil. Cover with natural fiber cloth with rubber band and put in a dark place. Stir daily for two months. Strain completely and store in dark glass jars or bottles. For added punch can pour strained mullein oil over chopped garlic, cover with a natural fiber cloth and rubberband and let sit for additional week Warm slightly and pour into itchy or sore ears. Store in dark place

Witch Hazel Compress
1 oz cut witch hazel bark
1 pint water.

Simmer together on low heat for 10 to 15 minutes. Strain and allow to cool. Dip a cloth into the decotion, wring and apply for a half hour, wetting again as needed. Used for sunburns, painful joints and aching varicose veins.

I'm going to stop for now, but I'll probably come back on and post a few most from time to time. Maybe I'll even get some more too.
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