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I have a few Moleskine notebooks laying around so i put one into my everyday carry bag, to write things down if need be.

What i want to know is, your thoughts on what would be some good information to have in a survival situation already written down. Kinda like a tips and tricks to survival useful small bits of information. Please feel free to expand the list and to add what is the best tips to include on the topics in a notebook such as this. Keep in mind the pages are small.

Some of the ideas i have so far are:

How to treat Water
How to make a survival bow and arrow
How to make and set-traps
How to make semi-permanent Shelters
Camp Recipes.......

What would you put in your survival notebook?

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Well you could start with some important information like bank/passport/important phone numbers and then expand to things like drawing up a map of where in your area to find springs for water, fruit trees and forage foods and hide out locations.
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