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Greetings fellow survivalists,

In this time of unrest and uncertainty about the future, we are reminded why we all came to SurvivalistBoards in the first place. Some to teach, some to learn and hopefully all can do a little of both. Many of us have been at this for years while others are opening their eyes for the first time. No matter which of these categories you may fall into, you are here and consider yourselves welcomed.

So without further ramblings, it is with great enthusiasm I get to announce a unique new contest series here at SurvivalistBoards starting mid-November.

How are they unique you ask… for starters they are not sponsored, endorsed or otherwise affiliated with Vertical Scope, Second Media, or any of the various owners, advertisers, and what have you. Nope, these contests and all the prizes are brought to you 100% by the Moderator/Admin Team.

The mystery prize boxes will contain new (NOS) and refurbished (like new) items. No two boxes will be the same and the contents will not be shared in advance of the contest. Some of the old-timers may remember the “mod box” giveaway many years ago, this will be similar.

Each contest will have its own parameters for entry and how the winner will be chosen.

We do have some basic rules:

  • Due to international shipping restrictions and varying laws in foreign countries, we cannot ship overseas at this time so unfortunately the contests are only open to individuals that have shipping addresses in the US or Canada.
  • The chosen winner will need to provide a Name and a Shipping Address in the US or Canada to the Mod team (via PM). We will not share this with anyone outside of our team.
  • One entry per individual per contest.
  • The contest threads are for actual entries only, general comments will be removed.
  • Each contest will have its own specific rules included in the announcement.
  • All regular forum rules apply.
  • Failure to follow the rules will result in forfeiture of entry into the contest.

You can anticipate the first contest being posted on or about 14Nov2021.

And for those of you that are still leary from the "vax passport required" thread I posted... I assure you, this one is NOT a joke.


ETA 14 Nov 21
First Contest Posted: Moderator Sponsored Contest #1 (14Nov-28Nov 2021) - Congrats to @huskersox86

ETA 28 Nov 21
Second Contest Posted Moderator Sponsored Contest #2 (28Nov - 12Dec 2021)
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For the purpose of the contest, the goal is to identify the 5 critical survival items that we would leave our house with.

Taking a purse or BoB/GHB full of gear defeats the purpose so try to select items assuming you dont have that entire pile of gear

#2 Contest guidelines updated.
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