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Additional information for this specific contest:
  • Only one post per person is allowed in this thread. Multiple posts will be deleted and the members entry invalidated. This is to prevent thread hijack and test reading comprehension skills.
  • Intentional deviation from the scenario presented detracts from the purpose of the contest and will not be permitted
  • Contest duration: 28 November 2021 until 12 December 2021 at 00:01 PST. Any entries posted after this time will not be considered for the contest.

For whatever reason that gets you going, you have to bug out on foot from your house right now.

Rank your top five personal survival items to take on a minute’s notice. Basically what are the first five Non-firearm items you grab that absolutely must go with you?

Assume the following for ease of the Scenario:
Family/pets are already safely away.
Personal required medications are not part of your 5 items.
You wont need your library card or other documentation
Firearms and related items (holsters, ammo, mags) not required for this thought exercise
Duration of "bug out" is greater than 30 days but not permanent and everything left behind will still be there when you return
Normal clothing not required to be listed

ETA: For the purpose of the contest, the goal is to identify the 5 critical survival items that we would leave our house with.
Taking a purse or BoB/GHB full of gear defeats the purpose so please try to select items assuming you don't have that entire container full of gear

Rank these items in order of importance, #1 being the most important, #5 being the least
2nd Justify each position on the scale. ie: 1. pack of gum - because I have halitosis, 2. flashlight - because I am skeered of the dark...
3rd Which setting are you departing from (pick one): Urban or Rural area

Again, one post per person please

If you have questions regarding the contest, please post them in the announcement thread:

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1) Knife. Either my SRK or custom seax, but I think the SRK would hold up to abuse like prying better. Knives are necessary and versatile enough to put them at the top of the list.

2) Ferro rod and striker. Gotta have fire, and I don't think a bunch of matches or lighters are a better option than a ferro rod. I'm lumping the rod and striker together as one item because mine are connected.

3) 2L canteen in a pouch with a sling. Hydrate or die.

4) Sawyer water filter. Fill it with unfiltered water and keep walking, let gravity do the work.

5) Modular Sleep System and a way to carry it. Warmth at night, and shelter from rain. I wouldn't necessarily carry ALL of it depending on the season.

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So since firearms aren’t needed for the scenario I’m going to assume that it’s implied some ROL has been established, I.E not widespread rioting and looting, people attacking each other in the streets, etc. and go with a different scenario.

Scenario being a train carrying hazardous gasses has derailed and the entire area needs to be evacuated until the extent of the release can be determined and proper decon is done. For reference I will be starting from the Urban/Suburban setting as that’s currently where I reside but this applies to anything and is more likely around here than some other scenarios.

1.) $1,000 cash - It’ll go a long way towards getting the stuff I need down the road and it’s in my bug out bag already.

2.) A backpack/bug out bag - empty for the sake of the scenario but a backpack will be useful for carrying anything I need and anythi my I find along the journey

3.) Water in a gallon jug with a cap that is compatible with gas masks - gotta drink

4.) CBRN gas mask - Useful for any NBCs floating in the air, maybe not so useful if already exposed but discontinuing the exposure is better than continuing to inhale it.

5.) A map - Not entirely necessary if you know your surroundings but useful to get around if you encounter blockages or need to go to the next town or something.

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Basically what are the first five Non-firearm items you grab that absolutely must go with you?

Sounds like how I pack when going Outside (travel to a place not Alaska)
However since I am in Alaska, this will drive my picks.

1) Swiss Army Hiker.- owing mostly to having a saw blade. This is an EDC item for me. The can opener is a big deal here.

2) Bic lighter in a flip top case. Yes, I have a ferro-rod in place of the toothpick in the above SAK, but the Bic is faster.

3) USGI 1 qt canteen in USGI (dump pouch) carry case with canteen cup, nesting stove and Heavy lid. The lid sits under the lot next to the spoon. Esbit stove and 4 fuel tabs sit in the side pocket. A kitchen, water treatment system and a way to heat Chow. Not an EDC, but this sits in Das Auto. Carried by an adjustable strap.

4) Home made "shelter roll" (wool blanket, fleece over-cover in a bivy bag with a CCF pad and strip of Reflxtrix and change of clothes, drawers and simple hygiene items) For 30 days, I see a shelter or couch surfing in the future.
Another Das Auto resident. This has an on old M-60 carry strap for toting. There is enough room to fit/carry additional items
Sleeve Khaki Wood Tints and shades Beige
Wood Bag Beige Jewellery Linens

5) My M-3 based FAK. ( see A layered approach for FAKs in the hone for details)

Living in earthquake country, my auto is my main EDC 'bag' I know I won't die of stavation if I miss a few meals and even in the winter, there are still some bits to forage - but will admit a credit card/roll of sawbucks and a local Walmart make 'foraging' easier...

My Thanks to the Mods for a fun thought exercise.

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So I had to really had to think about this one. 30 days on foot with only 5 items wont be easy but here goes...

1: a fixed blade either my Mora or cold steel sportsman. I can use it to hunt, build shelters and make weapons prep food among lots of other things.

2: a pot to cook in and purify water. It has more uses then just a water filter and I can make a water filter in a pinch. i could also use it a s a container to either carry fire or wild edibles. Also as a musical instrument.

3: a full size brown or camo tarp with a reflective/silver side to reflect heat. Its primary use would be for shelter. Its rains a lot where I am. on average we get about 20in more rain a year than Seattle does. it could also be used for collecting water and camo.

4: a spool of 550 paracord. The one I have is 500 ft . I can use it for making shelter, fishing, making a bow, snares, repair ripped clothes or tarp, Make straps for carrying stuff and a million other uses!

5: My cell phone with its solar case. This one was a hard choice but i have 100s of off line survival books and manuals , plus some music and a flashlight. Its like having a survival library in one neat package. (this choice would change if it was a emp event and my phone didn't work. I would take a wild edibles book )

I will be going from urban ish to rural. in mountains

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I live in a suburban area, closer to urban than rural, so for purposes of the contest I’m leaving an urban area.

Difficult to say for sure what I’d take, because I don’t know where I’m going in the scenario, how I’m getting there, how long it will take me, etc.

Nonetheless, I’ll say:

1)$$$$$—can I buy something along the way, pay for a ride, bribe my way out of trouble? Dough in the pocket is a good thing to have!

2)a large container of Gatorade—drink it now, fill the container with water later

3)some type of food item—maybe a large container of trail mix—not too heavy/bulky, but good for a meal/snack or two or three.

4)a lighter—want to be able to have a fire along the way, or maybe wherever it is I am going

5)a waterfilter such as a life straw—I need to be able to drink almost any water I find along the way, whether from a stream or muddy puddle

Edited to add: I answer first and read the other responses after. I want to see whether I’d change my order after I see what other people say.

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#1. Cash - To buy water, food, shelter, hygiene, etc. for a month assuming that I can do so.

#2. Foil blanket with insulation - for warmth and protection from the rain (not one of those thin foil emergency blankets).

#3. Sports drink - has electrolytes which will provide fluid and nutrients until I can find water/food source plus the bottles are a lot sturdier than those cheap water bottles that crinkle. The bottle can be reused for water collection. I feel sure that I can find a metal container to boil water while on foot.

#4. Bic Lighter - fire starting for warmth, boiling water and cooking, presuming that I have food.

#5.Backpack - I would be scrounging things along to way to wherever my destination might be. I think I would have my backpack filled with all sorts of useful stuff within a day or two.

This one was difficult due to not having a reason for leaving or knowing what my destination would be (out doors or in another house?) but it makes one think.

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My only shoes as a rule are good "walkers" due to me riding the bus so I will assume I am wearing them.

1. Cash. That can open up a lot of doors.
2. Water bottle. I dehydrate easily due to medication so I'm going to want that.
Assuming important papers and cats OK...I have my wallet with ID and Walmart discount card so that with the cash will open up a lot for me assuming otherwise functioning society.
3. Since it's winter I am bringing my wool blanket and sleeping bag. I like my comforts.
4. Backpack to tote sleeping bag, wool blanket, etc.
5. Food, canned or Mountain House.

I am leaving from the suburbs of Houston so def. urban.

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1. My Gerber Strong-arm knife
2. Fire starter
3. Water purification tablets
4. 550 paracord (many uses)
5. emergency fishing kit.

Thank you guys for this opportunity.
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1. SOL Bivvy (Shelter)
2. Sawyer Mini (Water)
3. 2 liter bottle (Water)
4. Bic lighter (Fire)
5. Mini catfish hoopnet (Food)
SWFF ShelterWaterFireFood(Military Survival Priority List)
Bugging out from very rural.
Thanks Much

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Hi'ya!! All of these are some really great & educational answers! Definitely helped me learn a few things tonight as a newbie & had me in some serious thought of what would be the most important/useful 5 items !! 😊
1) Shoes- b/c (I honestly didn't know for sure if it fell under the category "normal clothing" ) .. that's alot of walking & I definitely want to try to protect my means of transportation as much as possible!!
2) water bottle- stay hydrated - also may need to use to "clean/rinse hands/ items to eat"
3) blanket bundle- warmth, cover/shelter
4) knife- food purposes-hunt, scale fish, clean/prep items to eat, protection, help with prep/make shelter area
5) lighter-fire for warmth/cooking
I would be coming from Urban area.

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This Contest has ended.

Thank you to all of the members that participated.

Since the answer to the contest question is subjective and there really is no right or wrong answer, all eligible entries were placed in a number generator and then one was selected at random by the computer.

Congratulations to @PurpleKitty for winning the second Moderator Sponsored Contest

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