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Hi my name is Dave and I am a military SERE (survival) Instructor. I have over 14 years of SERE experience and have taught everyone from aircrew to engineers to life support equipment guys to Special Forces from all arms of the military and several foreign armed forces. I have practical and applied knowledge in Desert, Jungle, Temperate, Urban, Coastal and Sea Survival as well as fast jet ejection drills and helicopter underwater escape training (the Dunker).

I have several other unique skill-sets to draw upon such as Team Medic, Combat Recovery, search and rescue, conduct-after-capture, fieldcraft, survival planning, Joint Personnel Recovery (JPR), combat first aid, evasion, resistance training, unarmed combat, psychology of survival, advanced driving/riding, Police Response driver, scuba diving, threat evaluation, intelligence preparation, electronic warfare, private pilot and many other niche areas.

I am a prepper, but rely more on knowledge and skills as my default setting, anything else I can buy to help me then my default position should the SHTF will be much more comfortable. I plan for the worst but hope (and prep) for the best :)

I intend to contribute as much as I can over the years by utilising my experience, knowledge and in-depth research with references for any opinions I have.

I have a dislike for the following -

- Celebrity survival 'experts' who either make things up, are down right dangerous or spend the night in hotels after filming. If you talk the talk, then you have to walk the walk!

- People who will not change their opinion despite overwhelming proof to the contrary.

- Bullies or intimidating those less able to look after themselves i.e. children, animals or vulnerable members of society.

- Racists, bigots, various flavours of 'phobes' or downright ignorant people. The world is full of unique people who are all different, this doesn't make them bad or lesser, just different. And no, I am not a 'snowflake' or liberal!

- People hiding behind a keyboard and using that disconnection from real people to exercise their stupid gene. If you wont say it in front of the person, don't say it. It's just plain cowardice!

- Politicians. No matter what flavour they are, they are all taking away liberties, raising taxes and making deals with the devil to further their own ends. The 'system' is built on inherent corruption, no matter what country you are from.

I have a love for the following -

- Healthy debate

- Being challenged

- Learning new skills/information

- Teaching

- Constructive criticism.

- Understanding that people who hurt, are normally hurting. Showing a bit of empathy and understanding can work wonders.

That's is me in a nutshell, please reach out and give me a shout if you have any questions or thoughts.

I also have a blog that I started called which I intend to get back to very soon.

Chat soon


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Looks like you will be a valuable addition.

While looking through your introduction you mentioned advanced driving/riding.

I am familiar with defensive driving as well as driving in hostile environments...but curious as to what "advanced riding" is...are you referring to a gunner position, keeping a VIP in a safe position or?

I never thought of riding as a particular skillset, but never turn down a chance to learn...would you mind to start a thread on advanced driving and riding?


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I had a bit of interaction with UK Forces over the years. Army, Navy, Royal Marines, & RAF. Even Territorials. Cold War, BAOR, Gulf War, Balkans, Afghanistan, Iraq. All of it good. Superb folks.

I was privileged to visit your scenic & friendly nation several times. Damn near pickled my liver in places like Edinburgh, London, Leeds, Oxford, Kings Lynn, RAF Sculthorpe, RAF Machrihanish, Catterick ITC... and a few other locations.

Take it slow and steady. It's a great forum. Credible experience gradually speaks for itself, but you'll encounter occasional folks who either don't appreciate it, openly doubt it, or just like to argue. Don't take it personally. There's always a much larger audience that tends to read more than they post. They'll appreciate the information sharing.
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