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might do a little preping if I find a good backpack

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I have this campers backpack that is pretty awesome, was bought many years ago (from my childhood, Im 33 yrs old now). But its just too big. I need something I can wear while I ride a horse or motorcycle. This one the frame goes down near or past the buttocks :xeye: and I cant sit comfortably with it on my back.

Do they make a nice one of similar size at least, and can strap a sleeping bag on the top, and other things on outside of backpack easily?

Im not really a prepper kind of person,but I am considering doing some preping, especially since aliens are coming back Dec 2012 and no one knows their intentions. :D:

Cant find the pic of my backpack, but will look more
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Everyone knows it's not aliens we have to worry about but the zombies. :D Ok, fraid going to need more information about what kind of bike do you ride. Is it street rocket or a combinatiion road / trail. First thing that struck me is a large fanny pack or even a sling style pack. Check out Maxpedition's site for examples of both.
A sling style pack in link below. The down side the messenger style pack is the danger of it gets caught on something. If it does then more than likely it strip you off the bike or break the strap.

Personally I'd strap it down to the bike rather than attach it to my person.
1 - 2 of 38 Posts
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