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Normally I would not post a news article like this one. But in this case I think it should be posted every where so people can get a look at the faces of these criminal fruit cases.

Metro police search for cross-dressing shoplifters
NASHVILLE, Tenn. - Shoplifting rings aren't exactly a new thing, but a group of men who dress as women to steal is something Metro police say they haven't dealt with much.

Metro police believe they're dealing with a professional shoplifting ring that's gone on a crime spree all over Nashville.

Investigators think the group includes four men and one woman who are all well known among retail circles across the county.

Police believe Ashton Collins, who has many different disguises, is the ring leader of the shoplifting crew.

This crew is no stranger to people who work in retail.

Ryan Beller has worked in retail for a number of years and told Nashville's News 2, "You notice a regular shoplifter."

Collins and his group are not only regulars, but are so recognizable, Beller immediately knew about the shoplifting ring when Nashville's News 2 showed him Collins' picture.

"If you went to a mall and went to any retail store and asked somebody that's been there for a year, two years, they'd probably say the same thing," said Beller, "That's his job. You have professional shop lifters just like you have people that work in retail as a profession."

Metro police aren't sure why Collins and his team cross-dress.

"It's probably just his shtick," said Leah Sulateskee.

Collins has been arrested about a dozen times, and investigators are trying to figure out if Collins may be linked to even more cases of shoplifting around the city.

Metro police are warning local businesses about the shoplifters

Pictures of fruit here:
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