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mess kit

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We need a mess kit -the folding frying pan, cup, etc in a kit like the boy scouts have - only I don't like the cheapo ones we can buy in the stores. Where can we get a better one? There is an army surplus store here but it doesn't have any.
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Hey Callie,
My two favorite places to shop are:
They have freeze dried Mountain House Food in #10 cans that store for 25 years. All kinds of cool stuff, if you spend over $100.00 with them, the shipping is free, and they send you a bounce-back coupon good for $10.00 off your next order if placed within the next 30 days. Super company to work with, they have never had to put something I ordered on backorder, and you get it really fast ... like in a week, plus they give a 100% satisfaction guarantee.
I really like all the neat stuff these guys have, but they are slower. Takes a couple of weeks to get the stuff. Still, they are very nice, and have a great selection of gidgie-gadgets! I order a lot from them as well.

Hope this helps... oh, and they both sell the racks that you can put over a fire to cook on, but I found that you can get a cookie cooling sheet, which is much lighter weight, that works just as well, for a lot less.

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372 Posts Good site, sells LEO, military, camping, survival gear. Have store locations in Kentucky, online store, and mail/phone order catalog. They've always been good to me. :) I could not find a mess kit with a cup however.

Wal-Mart also has them sometimes here.

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Coleman’s military sururplus
They have thing that you are asking about.
Mess kits
Item #
1021 Mess Kit With Utensils used
2914 M K W U unused
1022 without utensils use
1023 mountain cook kit 3 piece
4432 10 pk forks
4469 10 pk spoons
1018 P-38 10 pak
4469 P-51 10 pak
3168 canteen cup 1 Qt 2 pak used
3187 canteen cup 1 Qt 2 pak unused
1027 arctic canteen w cup
4403 2 qt canteen cover unused
4404 2 qt canteen cover used
3001 2 qt canteen 2 pak

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I have a USGI SS kit, and some USGI SS artic canteens, what does the boyscouts use?
Thin aluminum cook wear, it burns the food and everything sticks to it. Very cheaply made but pricey to buy. The canteens are stupid the opening to drink out of are on the side not on the top. When I find boy BS messkits and canteens with carriers for $1-$2 or less each I buy them to put back as trade stock.

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Google Trangia stove kit, they are great kits and even come with an alcohol stove.

I use a Coleman Solo Cook Kit and a small frying pan with collapsible handle (bought at Wal-mart), those two handle pretty much everything I need them to. I really like that the Coleman kit has measuring marks on the side of all the containers.

Stay away from anything that resembles this:
They are CRAP

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I bought a mess kid off Amazon. It was like $20 and could get the job done. It's only small enough for one person. Bad thing is that it rattles as you walk. I tried to stable it with magnets, and that fixed it for the most part.

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You could of brought back one of the better mess kits threads that had more posts and better info.
This wasn't the one and only mess kit thread since 2007.
You are bumping several old threads and not posting any good info to add.
He is not doing anything against the rules so leave him alone. If he wants to bump a thread to ask a question he can as fare as I am concerned. Sometimes it is good to stir the board up a little it keeps the good stuff from setting on the bottom and sticking.
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