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Hello everyone, I'm looking for a good mess kit to take with me on hikes. I'm looking for something that is light and compact but durable. Any suggestions would be much appreciated.
Easy answer: the ubiquitous GI Canteen Cup....available in aluminum or steel. Bombproof, cheap and easily found on eBay.

Better answer: I'd recommend that you carefully consider how you will cook before getting a kit. If you want to use a stove of some sort then figure out what stove and then find a kit of adequate size to allow you to nest the stove inside the kit. If your coking over an open fire try a billy pot (Zebra to be specific). As stated by earlier posters, Ti is awesome, aluminum is cheap, and to that I would add stainless, which is nice for open fires because it dissipates heat well and the soot cleans up easily.

My first choice now is a titanium Snowpeak 3-piece kit which nicely contains my Trangia alcohols stove with mini stand/windshield
1 - 1 of 28 Posts
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