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i just yesterday disassembled my BoB and cut about 10lbs off of it(i got a LARGE hellcat). i did have my clothes in a compression sack and the sack in military water proof bag. i threw out both bags and put my clothes in the large water proof bag you get at walmart(you get 3 bags one blue, one green, one orange). i did have 2 buttpacks on the top of my backpack so i took off one buttpack and put the contents in a waterproof all i got on the outside of the pack is 1 buttpack /w water filter straped to it,the foam bedroll ,and my 1st aid kit (not counting the sleeping bag in the carrier). i did have a camel bak straped to the outside but decided to drop it since i got 3 military canteens /w cups ,2 straped to the waist belt and 1 on my LBE and i had a solar shower i droped it as well.i down sized a solar battery charger to a smaller/lighter charger. droped a very heavy spoon, knife, fork combo set you get at walmart (kinda like a pocket knife) and went with a plastic spoon at one end and a fork at the other.droped an extra wet stone i had packed and a mesh bag i didnt need.

i really dont need any more pouches i still got room in my main bag and my large outside pouch is empty ..still and my pack now weighs 60lb :thumb: (not counting water but has 12 large meals) i did what was suggested on this forums and divided my stuff up into 3 piles pile 1 was stuff i must have,pile 2 was stuff i can really use,and plie 3 stuff i wanted to have but wasnt a must have. that helped alot in seeing unneeded stuff :thumb:

then i repacked everything putting the lightest stuff on bottom and getting the heavier stuff on top and as close to my back as i could get it.

when i put it on :wow: major difference, i think ALOT of it was where everything was in my pack. it sure feels like i drop alot more than 10lb off my pack :thumb:

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I'm constantly looking for more efficient ways to pack a medium alice pack as both a BOB and a field bag. What works best for you in terms of efficient packing methods specific to the medium size alice pack? Thanks.
As a guy who wore one of these professionally for more years than I wish to remember I have this to say:

1) The stuff you are most likely to use you want at the top or in outer pouches, so you can get at it quickly and use it often

2) Weight: If its heavy it goes to the INSIDE and to the BOTTOM. You want the weight as LOW and close to your back as possible. This keeps your center of gravity as close to normal as possible, put FAR less stress and strain on your muscles, back and backbone. PLUS it help keep you balance.

Proper packing in this regard is very important. I was used to carrying 80+++ lbs depending upon combat or training loads. The guys that have severe physical issues down the road FAILED to keep the load low and close. I saw this repeatedly when coming off training road marches which in typical non-mech Infantry is 15 miles, 3 hrs, off road. The guys who fell out and then got laid up failed to pack correctly. As you get tired you get lazy and your muscles get lax then you have issues.

You want to also balance the load from side to side, failure to do so and that 15 miles will be one of the worst days you have ever spent and it will be worse as time goes by.

Review: Weight, low, close to back and balanced from side to side...
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