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Medic Kits- Hell!

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Call me slow but since when did medical kits have expiry dates!?

I opened a FAK today to find anti bacterial wipes, hand wipes and mosquito bite wipes had passed thier "expiry date"

Anyone shed any light onto this ?? :confused:
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Open one of each of those wipes packages. The expiration dates are likely tied to the length of time they KNOW the contents will remain moist. If you find in your test that they remain wet, the remainder should continue to be effective for you for at least the time being.
I recently bought a bottle of still water with an expiration date. There are on everything nowadays, needed or not. But I do agree with the above post about moistness. Have you opened one up to check it out?
Some dates are not needed, most are CYA for the maker.

Lots of folks toss out perfectly good things that have "expired" and buy new stuff.

Increases sales.
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Those are small items to replace. If one or two packs are dried out, just replace them. I'm more concerned with medical tape drying out and refusing to stick. I have used a little antibiotic ointment on a 2x2 to clean wounds. A small bottle of betadine solution is handy in the FAK but must be sealed extra well. If it leaks it's a disastrous mess and can ruin most everything it touches due to strike through.
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