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Mudslinging is typical of any election, but the election of 2016 reached a new low for major media.

Rather than focusing on trumps policies, major media focused on what he said about women. Then there were the rape accusations.

What was the result? People protesting in the streets over words rather that policies.

I try to keep an eye on a wide range of websites. The other day I came across an anarchistic website that was trying to disrupt the inauguration. The first thing the website listed was a student walk out. The second thing was organizing wildcat strikes.

From the way the website talked I figured they were a bunch of kids with nothing else better to do.

What I am worried about though, is liberal controlled major media fostering hate towards conservatives to the point where we may see bombs of Republican offices.

Maybe another Timothy McVeigh. Rather than lashing out at the government and their actions, radicalized liberal youth lash out at what Donald Trump said.

We have to wonder why there were no valid GOP candidates in the 2016 election? Nobody wanted to commit political suicide against the liberal media.

Regardless of who ran against Hillary, the democrat controlled liberal media would have ran them into the ground. In this case, Trump won.

Liberal media threw everything they had at Trump and they still lost. Chances are they are going to double down and give it another try in 2018 and 2020.

I look for the protest to just get worse, fueled in large part by liberal media attacking the person rather than discussing the policies.

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I also believe that the radicalized left (that's what they are, isn't it?) will now become so obsessed with the lies they believe that something bad will happen. Which will be written off as mental illness, because the radical left wants useful idiots to do their dirty work but will then throw them under the bus to deflect responsibility. It's sadly so predictable.

But this is where people can be more observant of what they hear and see around them. They can be more proactive about their own safety and that of others. 'See something, say something' can be a sword that cuts both ways, and if we overhear, for example, the kind of radicalized threats and ghoulish plans as was posted about the guys who wanted to put stink bombs and pepper spray in the ventilation systems of large crowded buildings, then we can indeed say something.

There is a good chance that conservatives are going to have to be more proactive in protecting themselves and their loved ones. Being vigilant and observant is something that anyone can do, not just trained professionals.

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They don't just foster it they create it. I have a friend at work who is a democrat and fairly liberal where I am republican and to the conservative side of moderate. So we of course discuss the current events and news and what we think about it pretty much daily and you know what? There is no anger or hate or anything we are both willing to concede a point here and there and to agree to disagree in other places.

Now imagine if the media listened to our conversations. Each morning when we got to work there would be quick quotes posted on the bulletin board. No context around them with the worst spin possible to build factions supporting each side while making each faction think the other side is constantly insulting them and hates them.

That is how our media is working right now. They are not doing honest reporting they are faction building and working to create a feeling of fear of the other side.

Social media makes things even worse because if you're sitting at the break table and the person across from you doesn't shave your views then enstead of having a discussion or just talking about neutral things like us older people learned to do now you can just take out your phone stick your nose in facebook where your friends all agree with you and have your opinion validated over and over until you are sure it must be right.

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In the first place the youth that are raising cane about the election are not old enough to vote and they are just repeating what someone told them to say. Also if they had any idea of the policies that Trump has in mind they would they would realize that it will better the country. They are just afraid that they will have to work for what they get instead of having it handed to them. The lefties need to grow up and live with it. They lost get over it.

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In a time when most TV & radio news people get their news from press releases, if you can fan the flames of local discontent, that only serves to get you more favor with those sending you press releases and as side note ... more juicy stories.

Trump would do well to not "feed" them. Make press gatherings short, and no questions except to the fairer media, then move on.

As long as radio and TV media can make a mockery out of someone, or a party, they will. Millennials love to see boo-ya stories, with put downs. Quit feeding the beast.

(47 years in media)

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Lots of good thinking on John Robb's blog

Some directly speaks to the O.P. thread title, more speaks to closely related matters.

The "media" are just one facet of a wider war on liberty. If this isn't widely explained and discredited, we are in for a very bad time.

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The technology of the liberal propagandists is still cable television and to a certain extent internet news. Cable tv is on life support and the targeted population does not read. They will have to adapt by writing more and more inflammatory headlines(because nobody reads the content) and will have to militarize the Twitter type social media. Technology is ruining our minds but the Trump movement is a move back to simplicity and preservation of the country for the country's sake. If we can begin making things with our hands here again and inspiring our minds here again........the media will come along. The Inaugeration invocations were as clear a sign that religion will be tolerated again as you can get. The pendulum is swinging back.

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Hate campaigns are a powerful weapon of political war that have long been used by the liberal cult in its war on America. As the liberal cult herds its cattle further and further away from America and toward despotism, all of their political war strategies naturally increase, including their hate campaigns.

I think we have come to the point that patriots and liberals can not live together in peace. We coexist in a somewhat peaceful state only because the liberal cult lacks the power to kill or enslave us. But as their power is increased, by bringing in masses of liberal voters from the third world (along with a really big birth rate among those brought in), this will change. And once their power is sufficient to dominate this nation, the truth in what I wrote here will become all too evident. And our children will ask why we allowed them to be betrayed.

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The tell the truth, I think a lot of this is because Bernie reached out to the youth talking about free or cheaper college for all. Many of them went over to Hillary(who said nothing of the sort).
There is a lot of good in low cost college(compared to what we now have). There are many ways to get help, but there are many predatary lending plans for these kids, and they are kids until they start making their own way in the world.
We should look for ways to educate the public citizens(not indoctronate them). Community colleges are a good start and a great way to get through general ed, but it is still prohibitivly expensive for many. In a society that values that piece of paper over previous employment, schooling should be funded differently.

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When the Radical Leftist & Radical Islamist pull off an attack together it will be telling how MSM calls it ...
There is no doubt how it will be reported:

NRA supporting right wing white guy with assault rifle machine gunned down XX number of people!!!

We need more gun control laws!!!

It is very telling that the left (progressive democrats) support without reservation Islamists who are dedicated to destroying Western civilization in general and America in particular. Their goals are the same so they will and do work together toward their goals.

Be Prepared!
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