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Its time for the monthly newsletter and contest details.

Safecastle, their website is is having a non-fiction video / story writting contest that will last from March until the end of 2011. Up for grabs is over $12,000 of gear.

For all of the deatails about the contest, visit this forum thread -

Some of the prizes include:
Joey-XP Teardrop Trailer, list price of $7065.
EcoloBlue 30 atmospheric water generator, list price, $1500.
Katadyn Pocket water filter, value $320.
Excalibur 9-Tray Dehydrators, value $275.

Questions or comments about the contest can be posted in this thread -

*Terms and conditions of the contest can change at anytime.

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PerfectUnion is a firearms and shooting sports related site.

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For the month of February 2011 we had:

New members – 1,999
New threads – 5,085
Total Post – 106,483

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Youtube videos were a little slow over the past few weeks, I'll try to pick that pace up during March. Warm weather is on the way, so hopefully some hiking and camping will be posted soon.

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