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Hi, all,

I'm new here, so pardon if this was asked recently or is asked frequently. I'm curious as to where everyone gets their survival kit essentials. I don't mean firearms or food/seeds/etc., but rather the first-aid-style kit items such as flashlights, MREs, survival cord or rope, knives, the first aid kits, etc. How high a quality is preferable for a basic kit? Do you buy the items individually? Is it good to look *online* for a full-fledged, premium kit (at least if I can find one), or should I construct my own? How good is "too good" (if there is such a thing in the context of survival!). Although I'm interested in the Survivalist Forum's stated guidelines on the matter, I'm also interested in your personal experiences, too. Thank you for your time.


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There are merchants affiliated with the forum that carry several lines of goods. They might have what you want.

I put my own kits together, as I often go with high end multipurpose items, and items that I want for long term since I might never be able to replace them if that big ol' balloon goes up.

There are several threads on the subject you might search out.

If you want an actual list of sources other than those here, PM me and I'll give you a list of places I use and trust.

Since it's already made up, here's a list I'm working on for my field equipment:

Field equipment kit (Evac/BOB/BIB/GOOD/INCH/DHS)
(Well on the way to having it all, but not quite yet)


Propper khaki Tactical Pants
Propper khaki Tactical shirt
Orvis Leather money pants belt (with 1/10 ounce gold Eagles)
Rustedfables The Grizzly Leather Suspenders (brown)
Jockey Boxer briefs (white)
Jockey v-neck T-shirt (white)
Wigwam F2161-051 Coolmax liner socks
Carhartt Wool boot socks
Danner 10” Quarry Logger 2.0 GTX goretex hard toe boots (brown)
Akruba Territory Hat with chin strap wide brim hat (brown)
Petzl TacTikka XP LED headlamp on hat
2 tan bandannas
Hatch Operator lightweight gloves
Hatch XTAK tan elbow pads
Hatch XTAK tan knee pads
Timex Automatic Self winding watch
Wiley X JP-2-510 photochromic sunglasses
Zippo lighter/Brunton Helos butane lighter
Pantac Wallet C wallet w/cash & ID (tan)
Maglight Solitare flashlight w/Tectite LED conversion w/AAA battery
Leatherman 2.8” plain edge pocket knife
Spyderco CO8 Harpy pocket clip knife
Tec-tite Tekna Ocean Edge Arm knife
Cold Steel Counter Tac II boot knife
Nikon compact binoculars on chest harness (alternate: 7x50 Steiner Commander XP C)
Write in the rain notebook in left shirt pocket
2 Fisher Tactical Space pens in left shirt pocket
Arrowtech W-742 Dosimeter in left shirt pocket
Arrowtech W-138RM pen type rate meter in left shirt pocket
Cell phone in right shirt pocket
Motorola HT-750 low band business band handheld radio in pants radio pocket
Garman Oregon 550T GPS in pants left cargo pouch (opt)
Kestrel 4500NV weather instrument in pants right cargo pouch (opt)
Key ring w/Benchmade knife sharpener, whistle
Leather change purse w/silver coins (brown)
Beretta Tomcat .32 ACP w/4 spare magazines in pocket holster in right rear pants pocket

In FMCO CSV-M10 Vest (4 double magazine pouches, 2 large utility pouches, 2 small utility pouches, 620ci field pack):

8 20-round .308 magazine in 4 double pouches
Yaesu VR-500 wide band all mode handheld receiver w/Miracle Ducker LT antenna in 1st small utility pouch
Brunton 54LU compass in 2nd small utility pouch
Dakota Alert M538-HT MURS hand held radio in 2nd small utility pouch
Survival kit* in first large utility pouch
Hardware and tools kit** in second large utility pouch
MSR 3-liter hydration bladder in attached field pack


Glock 21SF in Tactical Taylor MOLLE holster (alternate: ParaOrdnance P-14)
Surefire G2 flashlight in Specter Gear MOLLE pouch
Cold Steel Oda in Spec-Ops MOLLE sheath
IFA kit in Custom Tactical SAR MOLLE pouch***
Nalgene Guyot SS 38oz water bottle w/18oz cup & Maxpedition 4x10 MOLLE carrier
Soldiers Optimized Butt pack w/GI Poncho & Ranger Rick liner attached, 3 days food (jerky, gorp, Millennium ration bars), Otis Tactical gun cleaning kit, CD V-750 Model 6 manual dosimeter charger
Nalgene Guyot SS water bottle w/cup & Maxpedition 4x10 MOLLE carrier
OKC-3S bayonet in MOLLE sheath
Custom Tactical MOLLE Dump pouch
Leatherman Surge in one pocket of Spec-Ops brand dual MOLLE pouch
Wenger Survivor Swiss Army Knife in one pocket of Spec-Ops brand dual MOLLE pouch
Spec-Ops brand double MOLLE pouch w/2 pistol magazines

Kifaru Marauder 2,500ci MOLLE back pack w/cargo chair & gunbearer options

In Marauder:

MSR 3-liter hydration bladder
SAS Survival Handbook
Food for 3 days (Jerky, gorp, Millennium ration bars)
Katadyn Hiker Pro water filter w/MP-1 tablets
Extra underwear
Extra socks
Double zip-locked packet of important papers (copies of licenses, deeds, insurance, etc.)

On Marauder:

PTR-91 MBR in gunbearer (alternate: Springfield M1A)
Left side 2-quart GI canteen in Kifaru pouch
Right side 2-quart GI canteen in Kifaru pouch
Cold Steel E-tool
Cold Steel Rifleman’s tomahawk

Cabela’s Super magnum game cart w/dual wheel option w/

1st Rubbermaid Action Packer 8-gallon tote w/additional clothing
2 sets outerwear
5 sets underwear
10 bandanas
1 extra pair Hatch Operator lightweight gloves
1 Travelsmith leather safari coat medium coat (brown)
1 pair of Tempest insulated/water proof gloves
1 Tasman lined drover’s coat (brown)
2 sets Duo-fold Sportsman long johns
1 Adventure Medical Kits Backpacker’s sewing kit
1 pair Cabela’s Elk moccasins w/shearling lining
1 pair Keen Newport H2 sandals
1 pair Wiley X Nerve Goggle w/4 spare lenses
1 Pick-of-life ice escape picks

2nd Rubbermaid Action Packer 8-gallon tote w/tools, spares, and extras
1 Grand Shelters Icebox Igloo building tool
1 Grand Shelters Igloo door
1 Duraworx mini-planting tool
1 Channellock Model 88 rescue tool
1 8” mill file
1 EZE-Lap diamond paddle sharpening set
1 Wyoming knife w/3 spare blades
300’ coyote brown 550 cord
1 Dakota Alert M538-HT MURS handheld radio
2 Dakota Alert MAPS vehicle detectors w/MURS transmitter
4 Dakota Alert MAT motion sensors w/MURS transmitters
1 Night Watch 2 circuit tripwire alarm w/tripwire
1 Energizer windup LED flashlight
1 Brunton SolarPort 4.4 & BattJack AA/AAA solar battery charger
1 Brunton Solo 15 & 3 Solaris 52 PV panels solar power supply
1 Yaesu FT-897D w/Miracle Ducker TL tunable whip, Yo-Yo 6-reel dipole antenna
1 Gill net
1 Mobley’s Frog/fish gig head w/extra tines & telescoping pole
1 set Bow string, nocks, fletching, binding, various arrowheads, B&A tool
1 reel Heavy fishline, for fishing arrows & gig head
1 Dozen Snare One 7x7 5/64” 42” cable snares w/swivel end
1 Exploration Products Fresh Water Fishing kit w/kite string winder
2 CR-1 spares carriers w/G-2 bulb & 6 CR-123A spare batteries each
Extra CR-123A batteries in 4-cell carriers
Extra AA rechargeable batteries in 4-cell carriers
Extra AAA rechargeable batteries in 6-cell carriers
Extra pair Donner boots
Extra boot laces
Extra Zippo fuel, spare wicks & flints
Extra butane fuel for lighter
Extra butane torch fuel
Extra first aid supplies
Extra hardware
Extra ammunition in ammo cans
Extra Otis gun cleaning patches and Breakfree CLP

3rd Rubbermaid Action Packer 8-gallon tote w/cooking, water, & sanitations items
1 Sawyer Point Zero Two Absolute 4-liter water purification system
4 10-liter MSR water bladders
1 MSR Campers washcloth & towel, AGS Labs Camp soap, compact hair brush
4 Charmin To-Go Toilet paper packets/wipe rags(boiled and sun dried to sanitize)
1 Gold Bond Foot powder
1 Chapstik SPF-15 lib balm
1 4oz bottle Herbal 22 Insect repellent
1 pocket pack Q-tips
1 MSR Dragonfly multi-fuel stove
4 MSR fuel bottles
1 German GI nesting knife/fork/spoon/can opener set
1 MSR SS cook set w/tea kettle & kitchen tools
8 SS cooking skewers
1 Coleman SS steel double wall cup
1 GSI pressure cooker w/liner pot
1 Lodge Cast iron skillet w/lid
1 Lodge Dutch oven w/lid
1 REI Backpackers fire grill
1 Fire tongs
1 Grilling basket
1 pair 19” fireplace fireproof gloves

4th Rubbermaid Action Packer 8-gallon tote w/food
beef bouillon
baking powder
coconut oil
corn meal
powdered milk
dried beans
tea bags
hot chocolate packets
Emergen-C packets
lemon juice
hard candy
waxed chocolate
Millennium ration bars
dried fruit
fruit cake
Mountain House meals
18 ounce SS flask Hennessy Paradis Extra Cognac

5th Rubbermaid Action Packer 8-gallon tote w/more food

Lashed on top of totes:

1 FMCO vest set up for Remington 11-87 shotgun
1 NetPack 5354 wheeled 40” duffel bag w/pair Cabela’s Pinnicle Gortex cold weather insulated gloves, Carhartt Arctic Bibs, Carhartt Arctic Parka w/hood, NEOS over boots, Mustang Survival auto inflate flotation vest, Millennium respirator, OptimAir 6A PAPR, CBRN suit, gloves, boots, acc
1 set MSR Denali EVO Snow shoes & MSR Denali III poles
2 Edelwies 200’ static climbing rope w/set of carabiners & pulleys
1 Mountain Hardwear Trango 3.1 3 person/4 season tent w/fly
1 Slumberjack sleep system w/Thermarest self inflating mattress
2 silnylon tarps w/poles, stakes, and para cord
1 Hardigg iM3300 gun case with Remington 11-87 custom shotgun, H&R/NEF .30-’06 single shot scoped rifle w/.32 ACP adapters, (alternate: Remington 700 .30-’06), Glock 30SF spare pistol
(optional: 2nd case w/Ruger #1 .375 H&H Magnum scoped rifle [alternate: Remington 798 .375 H&H Mag])
1 D-handle small round point shovel
1 Cold Steel 24” Latin machete
1 Stanley 30” Entry tool
1 Iltis Oxhead double bit axe
1 Sven 21” folding saw
1 ATAS-25 multiband portable antenna w/tripod
1 Fire tripod
1 Fire spit & supports
1 Kifaru pulk w/steering & brake package

*Survival Kit (in FMCO vest utility pouch)

1 SAS Essential Survival Guide (compact version)
1 Buck 110 folding belt knife
1 Fisher black bullet pen
1 Storm-Saf note pad
1 BCB explorer button compass
1 Mag-Light Mini Maglight 2AA w/Terra-lux LED conversion
8 Energizer AA ultra Lithium battery in two carriers
1 Blast match fire starter
2 containers Lifeboat matches
1 8-pack Wet fire tinder
1 Bic lighter
1 leather bootlace to make fire bow
4 Daytrex 4.2 oz water packets
1 Sawyer Point Zero Two Absolute water bottle purifier
1 10”x4” Maxpedition water bottle carrier
1 Storm whistle
2 neck lanyard (whistle & knife)
1 mini can Orange spray paint
1 1”x200’ orange survey tape
1 mini-Air horn
1 Starflash 3”x5” signal mirror
1 TrueFlare penflare kit (launcher, 12 flares, case)
1 emergency hooded space blanket
1 lightweight space blanket bag
1 tube tent
1 300’ 550 cord
1 P-51 can opener
1 old style beer can and bottle opener
1 SS table spoon
4 beef bouillon cubes
12 Millennium energy bars
1 fresh water fishing kit
1 gill net
1 1-liter water bag
1 coffee filter support sheath w/20 filters
4 sheets aluminum foil
1 Esbit stove/Tommy cooker
4 12-count Esbit stove fuel tablets
1 small roll Gorilla duct tape flattened
1 24 gauge x 55’ brass wire
1 pocket chainsaw
4 heavy duty garbage bags
2 Israeli 6” trauma bandages
12 Medique Medi-Lyte heat relief tablets 2-pack
4 alcohol prep pads
4 Pepto Bismo 2-pack
4 Excedrin 2-pak
1 Charmin To Go 55 sheet pack toilet paper
1 pair emergency sunglasses

**Hardware & tools kit list (in FMCO double .223 bandoleer pouch on belt)

1 Leatherman Crunch
1 Leatherman Supertool 300
1 Victorinox Swiss Army Work Champ Swiss Army Knife
1 Glass cutter
1 300’ 550 cord
1 Small roll Gorilla duct tape flattened
1 12 gauge x 15’ insulated electrical wire
1 16 gauge x 50’ mechanic’s wire
1 24 gauge x 55’ brass wire
1 Roll 3M ¾” x 66’ electrical tape
1 Industrial JB weld
1 Tube of Goop
1 Tube of clear Shoe Goo
1 Small spray can WD-40
1 Small can 3-in-1 oil
12 11” releasable tie-wraps
12 4” 10d nails
4 7” spike nails
4 Mini sharpies
1 Mini spray can orange paint
1 1” x 200’ orange survey tape
1 Blazer PB 207 2500 degree micro torch

***First-aid kit (in one of the FMCO vest utility pouches)(additional supplies on cart)

1 CPR safety shield
4 pair exam gloves
2 1-oz bottle Purell hand sanitizer
10 Therma-Dot single use thermometer
1 Fisher space pen
1 Storm-Saf not pad
4 individual wrapped tongue depressors
4 individual wrapped cotton tip applicators
1 small roll Gorilla duct tape flattened
4 bite sticks
4 ammonia ampoules
1 small flask Everclear 190 proof PGA
4 honey packets (for hot toddies)
4 lemon juice packets (for hot toddies)
2 Camelback Elixir 12-pack electrolyte solution
12 Excedrin 2-pack
12 Alka Seltzer 2-pack
1 25ct bottle Dulcolax laxative
12 Pepto Bismol 2-pack diarrhea medication
12 NyQuill daytime cold medicine 2-pack
12 NyQuill nighttime cold medicine 2-pack
12 Benadryl antihistamine/allergy med 2-pack
2 Chloraseptic throat lozenges 6-pack
6 Water-Jel Burn relief 3.5g packets
6 Water-Jel 1/32 oz triple antibiotic ointment packet
6 hydrocortizone 1/32 oz packet
3 15g jell glucose
4 Sting-kill wipes
4 IvyX cleanser wipes
4 alcohol prep pad
4 PAWS antimicrobial wipes
4 Providone/Iodine prep pad
1 Asherman chest seal
1 20cc irrigation syringe
1250ml bottle sodium chloride irrigation solution
1 4 oz bottle eye wash
1 eye wash cup
1 combat application tourniquet
1 self applied restricting band
1 1”x10yd adhesive tape roll
1 Dr. Scholls moleskin deluxe
4 1”x3” bandaids
4 fingertip bandaids
4 knuckle bandaids
12 ½” x 2 7/8” butterfly wound closures
4 2”x3” medium patch bandage
2 2”x4” elbow/knee bandage
2 Emergency Israeli 6” trauma bandage
2 sterile oval gauze eye pad
4 2”x2” gauze pads 2-pack
8 4”x4” gauze pads
1 2” gauze roll
1 4” ace bandage
4 4”x4” Water-Jel burn dressing
2 31”x31”x51” triangular bandage
1SAM finger splint
1 7 ¼” utility scissors
1 3 ½” tweezers
4 single use Krazy glue
1 surgical stapler kit w/35 staples
1 Sawyer bite & sting kit
1 brown recluse spider F/A kit
1 deluxe emergency dental kit

. For stay at home bug ins, the equivilant items are needed, plus shelter in place item:

Bug-In Kit (above and beyond normal everyday living items)

CBRNE all hazards shelter

Generator w/plenty of fuel

Alternative heating (use only with adequate ventilation)
Properly installed wood or propane stove w/plenty of fuel
Kerosene heater w/plenty of fuel
Tent safe catalytic propane heater w/plenty of propane bottles

Security items
Security shutters on all windows and doors
Blackout curtains
Perimeter alarms(Dakota Alert MAPS vehicle sensor, Dakota Alert MAT motion sensors)
Weapons to defend the property
Fire fighting equipment

CBRNE equipment
Dosimeter for each member of the family
Radiation rate meter
Radiation rate meter w/outside probe
Thyroid iodine saturation tablets
Respirator for each member of the family (or children’s PAPR enclosure)
Hooded exposure suit, gloves, boots, and sealing tape for each person
Decontamination equipment (hand sanitizer, bleach, scrub brush, garden sprayer, bucket)

Sealed room components
Duct tape
Sheet plastic
Air filtration system

Plenty of cash
Gold and silver coins
Trade goods

Tools and hardware
Set of household tools
Variety of hardware items for repairs

Crank AM/FM radio
NOAA EAS SAME weather radio
Short range base radio (MURS Dakota Alert M538-BS) w/outside antenna
Short range handheld radios (MURS Dakota Alert M538-HT)
Public service band scanner w/trunking capability)
Medium range radio (Amateur 2 meter radios/Low Band business band radios)
Long range radio (Amateur HF radio w/outside antenna)

Clothing suitable for all seasons including work clothes, boots, and gloves

Alternate Lighting
Several Crank LED flashlights
LED headlights w/extra batteries
Couple of High intensity flashlights

Means to transport water
Countertop water purifier
Containers to store clean water

Sanitation items
Toilet paper
Chemical toilet
Personal toiletries
Feminine hygiene necessities
Shovel to dig latrine or pit to dump chemical toilet

Means to prepare and serve food
Camp stove w/extra fuel
Plenty of matches
Paper plates, bowls, and cups

Plenty of extra food

Extensive first aid kit

Gardening tools and plenty of seeds

Just to get you started. Hope this helps.

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I think most people will probably say they collected their own items individually. I know a few have bought 'ready-made' kits, and that is good if you are rich and/or you need to have something in place fast, I guess.

A trip to your local pharmacy will get you first aid items (or even a small, minimal first aid kit) for a pretty reasonable price. A trip to a sporting goods store can yield you loads of choices for firestarting/cooking items and a starter cache of dehydrated foods, rope, multitool, flashlight, water filter/bottle/tablets, whistle, compass, backpack, tarps, personal hygiene items, etc.

Once you have a few basics in place and begin to think about what you think might be necessary for you and your situation - as well as decide how large/heavy a bag you will be able to manage (depending on whether you think you may be able to take a vehicle or will have to walk if the SHTF and you need to leave home), you will find you have a much better idea of what you really need.

If you buy a prepared 'package', please, at least go through it all when it arrives and decide then if you have covered all the bases - and add to it or replace items of lesser quality (where that might matter, such as lights) as you have the chance to do so.

Wow! Jerry seems to have posted everything you will need (while I was writing my small post! :) ). Failing being able to acquire all the items on his long list though (at least quickly), I would start with a BOB - and preferably learn to put it together yourself so you have a) a sense of accomplishment (rather than being overwhelmed) and b) have time to consider what area of preps to address next.

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im a poor boy i tend to look for deals and build it as i get it.i really dont think the premade 1st aid kits are really all that great, i perfer to make my own catered to my area and personel needs.

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I buy everything individually based on the local environment and then it gets updated every change of season. Pretty big differences between a winter kit and a summer kit. One puts more emphasis on warmth and calories. Summertime puts more emphasis on fluid replenishment.

You don't need much. What you get needs to be versatile. For example, rather than 17 different varieties of bandaging, get a couple rolls of Kerlix bandaging gauze, some 4 inch telfa pads and a roll of tape. If you can't manage to improvise a bandage for almost any injury from that, you aren't trying. I like to toss in an Ace bandage because it also has a million uses. Combine it with some Tylenol, aspirin, Keflex, Quick Clot, Neosporin and baby wipes and you are covered for 99% of what might happen.

As for hardware, a good pair of tweezers, a small pair of scissors and a small dedicated folding knife round out the first aid kit. As I get older I find a pair of glasses for closeup work is useful. Off the rack reading glasses with the highest magnification do fine.

Toss in a few Mylar space blankets, they are cheap and light and can be used for a ground cloth, tarp, sleeping bag, rain poncho or whatever. 50 ft of 550 paracord is always really useful. I like LED headlamp that switch from high to low and have a red setting so as not to ruin night vision. It keeps my hands free. In the warm parts of the year I add a Sawyer extractor kit, not because I believe it will prevent serious harm if I get bit by a snake but because i think it might help me stay alive.

My favorite knife is a Swiss Army 4 3/8 in. Hunter. I like the fact it is street legal for a pocket and I like that particular set of tools. I can carry it with me all the time, a big plus in my book.

I don't like MREs. Instead I buy stuff like instant noodles in Alfredo sauce or Uncle Ben's Ready Rice and have some packets of chicken and tuna to add for protein. Water goes into a 100 oz. hydration bladder. I have a small mess kit, an ultralight backpacking stove and some fuel. My Cammerga tritium compass is more for entertainment value than for actual need in direction finding. I keep 3 different methods of firemaking and 3 different methods of water purification. The basic kit weighs 10 lbs plus water and fits into a Cabela's Elite Scout Pack with room in the compression compartment for a rain suit or jacket, gloves, extra pair of socks and underwear.

I always have a broad brimmed hat handy and always wear shoes suitable for hiking so I don't really consider that part of the kit. I keep a blanket in the car that is waterproof on one side and insulated on the other. It rolls up, and has straps so it can be carried like a shoulder bag. I suppose I could use it for additional storage if I needed to. This kit keeps me fully functional for a 50 mile, 2 day hike home which is the most I will ever need to use it for.

BTW, I use this stuff on a regular basis. Some of it goes with me on day hikes while most of it goes with me on backpacking trips, so I am always reviewing and replenishing as needed.

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Jerry D's kit is good but you need to start off with what is needed for 24 hours then go to 72 hours for a BOB. After that progress to a week's worth at home and go to 30 days and beyond.

Verify that nothing has been forgotten in the list, which I have made with minimal detail in order to allow for flexibility.

The 24-hour kit should have two components; pocket and backpack. The pocket unit is most important. It has a compass, matches, a firestarting flint, water purification tabs, good small folding knife, antihistamine tablets, antacids, hard candy for carbohydrates, plastic bags including a contractor's bag and Ziplocs, tin foil, 50ft paracord, inexpensive poncho, MPI rescue blanket, tissues, and maybe a packet or two of instant coffee, sugar, and electrolytic drink.

The backpack contains food, water, a tent, larger tools such as an axe, LED flashlight and extra batteries, a sewing kit, first aid, extra clothing and a sleeping bag, and hygeine items (good source; motels). You also need cooking vessels and something to boil water in. Round it out with extra firestarting and water purification articles. Finally consider some form of radio and some entertainment items (playing cards, fun book, etc).

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For my outdoors gear what I use depends on the context; what I’m doing and where I’m going. If I’m going for a long hike I don’t bring the same equipment I use for a hunting daytrip. May I ask if you’re hiking/camping/hunting a lot or if the bag is only intended for emergencies?

I suggest that you go for high quality products that will last for years instead of low quality products that may fail you during a survival situation. By the best gear you can afford, check out yard sales and E-bay if you’re on a budget.

But for basic equipment suggestion for a Survival / Bug Out Bag you can check out this blog post:

For Pocket Survival Kits you can check out this post:

Survival Knives:

Check list for your home:

Food storage:

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You can drive to the Pharmacy, to the hardware store, to the sporting goods store and think and think about what would be good for a Bug out Bag or survival kit. or just check out my store at ...

There is lots of good information about what you need, how to prepare and how to get started.

Also, visit us on Facebook for additional information:

New You Tube channel ...

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when it comes to first aid supplies watch your local grocery and pharmacies for sales --- amazing whatthey put on sale for some unknown reason...... many times you will find bandage supplies for 50% off

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I pack my kit in a SMALL sized Addidas duffle bag, its prolly 15" x 10" so its pretty small, I bought it at Kohls I think for cheap. I grab it anytime we're in the car for longer then an hour away from home.

Here is my kit:

Large Ziplock Twist-lock container:
small box of strike anywhere matches
light-my-fire swedish fire steel
Bic Lighter
Dryer lint (tender to catch a spark)
Emergency Blanket
Small composition notebook
golf pencil
water purification tablets
innova x1 single AA led flashlight
P-38 can opener
4x AA batteries, energizer Lithiums
tube of super glue
~100ft 10lb test monofilament
~10 small sinkers
~10 small barbed hooks
~10 dry/wet flies
5 different sized sewing needles
100ft Nylon Thread
~15ft duct tape

Taped to the top of the twist lock:
100ft green floral wire ( snares, trying up a muffler, etc)
25ft braided picture wire (stonger snares, etc)

First Aid Kit !!!!!! VERY IMPORTANT, make a cheap on if you have to. I have an Adventure Medical Outfitter kit
Energizer single AA headlamp
2 x emergency ponchos
100ft paracord
travel size pack of kleenex (can double as TP in an emergency)
3x tampons (plug a gun shot wound, wife issues, etc...)

Waterproof jacket and pants, lightweight nylon material, packs small,
durable and breathable
Waterproof jacket (for wife)
Both are packed in cheap walmart brand roll down type dry bags (3 pk
different sizes for $10)..I tested them, they actually work fine.
Jackets and pants are coleman brand @ walmart in fishing section about $30

Snow peak 600 Titanium cup in carrying bag
Inside cup:
Gram weenie alcohol stove --
priming plate
12oz denatured alcohol

2x 2-serving mountian house freeze dried food
2 cups white rice (need to replace with minute rice) inside SMALL
ziplock brand twistlock container
2 packs of shot blox energy-electrolight replacement

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Hi, all,

I'm new here, so pardon if this was asked recently or is asked frequently. I'm curious as to where everyone gets their survival kit essentials. I don't mean firearms or food/seeds/etc., but rather the first-aid-style kit items such as flashlights, MREs, survival cord or rope, knives, the first aid kits, etc. How high a quality is preferable for a basic kit? Do you buy the items individually? Is it good to look *online* for a full-fledged, premium kit (at least if I can find one), or should I construct my own? How good is "too good" (if there is such a thing in the context of survival!). Although I'm interested in the Survivalist Forum's stated guidelines on the matter, I'm also interested in your personal experiences, too. Thank you for your time.

Making your own is always the best way to go. The premade ones are invariably overpriced and missing many needed things.

The items that go in it are personal choice, so they're as varied as we are. Flashlights are whichever you prefer. You can get them locally (there's some good deals to be found out there) or from websites. They can be high end, costly name brand units, or inexpensive generic LED lights. It's up to you. Same with knives. Paracord is available in a lot of places also. I bought a spool of it at a gun show.

As for first aid kit supplies, I've found several good sources over the years online. Do a google search for "first aid kit refills" or replacements. You'll run into websites that specifically sell first aid supplies, and some very advanced ones at that. I buy a lot of bulk supplies like that for storing at home also. If you comparison shop, there's a couple sites with amazingly low prices. I just don't remember them offhand, as I haven't ordered from them in a couple years.

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As for first aid kit supplies, I've found several good sources over the years online. Do a google search for "first aid kit refills" or replacements. You'll run into websites that specifically sell first aid supplies, and some very advanced ones at that......
I like to make my own kit or mod the heck out of a kit that comes in a metal box or nylon pouch. I would advise you to be careful of the "unitized" refills. They are wonderful for keeping items organized but you don't want to unwrap cellophane and open boxes (and eyes tend to go jibbety-jibbety when reading the contents) if you have someone with a severed artery. Emergency dressings, CPR masks, and gloves need to be unboxed.

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Andrew, you are welcome. And welcome to the kit club - it can become addictive.

Up top ... dayum J.D.! That is one serious list! Whew! I read every item and Calamity Jane and I have each one covered in one form or the other. I'm big on the Cabella's game cart btw - been doing that for years. And the rubbermaids and all the goodies inside including similar dosemeters, etc. ... although I'd through a pack of big rat traps in there some where.

But man J.D. ... you failed to mention the trailer. We've got roughly, and I do mean it is close because Calamity Jane and I just went down the list while sitting here watching O'Rielly on the couch - but we've got a trailer out there prepacked and ready to hook up to and head to the mountain house if needed. It serves a double-purpose. Storage for much of our kit - but also it is ready to go, just in case. Yet I cannot really foresee that ever being the case - still yet. You've literally got a ton (okay, maybe only 1/3 of a ton) of stuff there. More if you've got as much ammo as we do ... I'm talking more than a ton.

Is there anything that you plan to pack at the last minute?

The stay at home bug in stuff ... again, we're on the same page.

That is one heckuvan impressive inventory list to go by though - thanks for sharing.
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