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Leather Thimble

- a strip of leather (top grain is best)
Approx 3 1/2" x 1" and about 1/16" thick
- Nylon thread or sinew

It is made to fit around your middle finger, the middle section of the finger
(This is why the 3 1/2" is approximate, size to fit your own finger)

-Fold it over and sew two ends together
(use glover needle and pliers and sinew or thick nylon thread))
(In a pinch, you can crazy glue the two ends together)

To use:
Place over middle section of your middle finger (of your dominant hand)
Place ends towards the middle of your hand.
Hold needle between thumb and index finger, resting the end on the thimble

You will be amazed at how durable this thimble is.


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