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Magnesium Firestarter Tips???

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I've been using a magnesium firestarter for over a year now, and it still doesn't cease to amaze me on how reliable and effective they really are. Such a simple concept really: a simple bar of magnesium, and a rib of ferrocerium. It is easy for a 14 year old like myself to use it, as well as many adults, and people of all ages with two hands and the ability to use a knife. But, as with anything like building a fire, setting up shelter, and taking care of hygeine in the outdoors, there are many ways to use it and many different techniques to starting a fire with the bar of magnesium. I simply try to sliver some flecks with my blade onto a leaf, or other kind of durable platform, and I sliver enough off to make a heaping pile of a nickel. Then, one run down the flint with the back of my blade, I have made fire. So what are some of the other techniques out there? Are there other reccomended ways of starting a fire with a MagBar? Well, please give me your tips. Thanks! :)
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Many lotions will work as well as they tend to have some concentration of animal fat in them and fat burns well. Frito Lay chips are excellent tinder if you have matches or a lighter. The amount of fat in them allows them to burn long and slow like mini torches almost. As far as catching a spark, maybe a frito lay scoop with a small amount of vaseline or some lotion. Catch the mag shavings in the scoop and then set off the sparks. It is something I will definately be trying myself since I know the chips burn.
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