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I had this accomplished a while ago. Note the second photo on the right side of the page,

I had mine quad-ported like this gun is.

When I fired it at the range, it shot NICE!!

It felt like a pea shooter with full house magnum loads and the barrel did not pitch up at all.

I was hitting black and often, the bullseye at 75 feet,

I will try a longer fistance, the next time that I go to the range.
I had my S&W Model 19-3 .357 magnum done, as well. IT felt like a pea shooter, but my accuracy left something to be desired.

I heartily recommend this modification!

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I've only shot a Dan Wesson .44mag that was ported. It did seem to keep the barrel down.
My Blackhawk is unported, but the weight and the Hogue grips keep it manageable for most of my reloads.
Ya gotta love those hand cannons.:D:


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