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Has anyone here with medical background have any history with this pratice ?

My neighbor up the street takes infusion treatments to deal with his rumatoid arthritis. When he gets these injections they totally break down his body's immunity to simple germs around him.

He is easily infected with things a normal body would be able to combat.

He has come down with MRSA. This has manifested itself as a boil on his elbow. Doctors lanced the boil weeks ago. It is still draining but will not heal. I have told him about magot therapy and the pratice that allows the maggots to cleanse the would and remove only decaying / dead tissue. The maggots leave behind a sterile fluid to promote healing I'm told.

In disaster, survival senarios , maggot therapy sems like a pratical and valued course of treatment. I have seen many videos on You Tube on this subject.

Would like to hear from the medical trained members out there as to thier experirence and knowledge of this pratice.

Thanks, Big Eye
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