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These will come to you as they come to me.. these are just my little tips, things that I come across, Ideas that I get..

These will follow no particular order.. its just a tip I am passing on.. you might already know about it, or take advantage of it already.. and if so, then Good on YA!

Another quick note.. don't expect any earth shattering revelations here..

ok.. Quick Tip - #1

Matches.. You need a way to make fire.. matches fit the bill right... so.. next time you get gas, or stop into a convience store for whatever reason.. as you pay for your goods.. Ask em for a couple books of matches..

"Hey, you happen to have a couple of books of matches?"

there ya go.. FREE MATCHES.. you stop in anyways right? might as well take advantage of their advertising dollars, and grab a few books of matches!

Just a little tip.. ask the clerk for some matches.. make it a habit. I have about 50 packs right now, and it didn't cost me anything!

Like I said.. nothing earth shattering.. but you might find it useful..



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You have opened my eyes to the way of the world mike. Bless you.

Seriously we all know this I just never thought of it for that reason thanks man!!!
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