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Mac's stash - 090629 - pic

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I inventoried my foodstuff today. I share a townhouse so I can not just stack all my food in the pantry. Partly because we do not have a pantry :p but mostly because my house mate / landlord would really not understand. Anyroad, the housemate is away for a week so I decided to pull all my food out of the places I stored it and inventory. I am happysad I did.

I have to say I am a little embarrassed about posting this.

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The card board box has 12 one liter jars full of various spices. The bucket has about five pounds of baking soda in it. In the back is TP and my every day hygiene supplies. This does not include the various half open packages of stuff laying around the house. I did not scrap up every roll of TP and grain of rice.

I think I am fine with the hygiene products (can always use more TP) but it is still woefully lacking on the food side. Frankly I thought I was making some headway but really I have been falling behind. Some of the things I had bought I must have used along the way somewhere. I know I had some tins of mushrooms but I can not find them and there is only one tin of olives. I guess it is time to start practicing my own advice and make better lists.

I think I have a reasonably well rounded start here. I have lots of oil and cooking supplies. I have carbs, protein, meat, and veg; even if it is all dried or canned that is fine, this is fine as this is a supplement to my normal meal schedule that I can fall back on. First to round out the menu with some accessories like olives and `shrooms and stock up on some more canned veg. Next is just buying more but this time keeping much better track of the whole mess.

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Like everyone says. A little at a time. Thats all i can do because i have to do it under my girlfriends nose. I grocery shop for a weeks worth of food to keep in the cupboards. Except i grocery shop every 5-6 days. So every week i put away anywhere from 1 meal to a whole days food.

Humungous is spot on. Getting a well rounded stash to eat unrationed for 3-4 weeks seems like a real hump to get over. After that is set, then the pile seems to grow like mad.

One meal, one day, one week, one month. I am not dug in for years or anything. My first goal was a month on top of the weeks worth out in the kitchen. After that i focused on some tools for a little bit. Kerosene stove, solar oven, water filter, bike with one of those kid hauler towables converted into a small "trailer", grain grinder, etc. After that, spent some time/money learning skills. Get a few types of raw grain and make a few loaves of bread from each, start a fire without any matches or lighter. Wash your body without turning on a faucet.

IMHO skills are of greater than or equal value to stored food, and many are free to learn. You have a good start. If a storm shuts off the water and electric to your house for 2 weeks, you might stink, but you wont be starving or dehydrated. Thats way better then most can say.
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