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I know from hiking in Africa that the cattle tick (the most common found) is a parasite to humans and wild life alike and is responsible for most cases of tick bite in the region, I have had it 3 times myself and it is an unpleasant experience.
There are various ways of removing a tick from your body once it has got a grip on you and the quickest and easiest method is to use a pair of tweezers, grip the critter by the body and carefully pull it off being careful not to leave any of the mouth parts embedded in your flesh as these can easily become infected and cause unwanted problems. Another but slower method is to put a dollop of vaseline or other greasy goo over the body of the tick, this will effectively block the breathing tube and it will let go itself allowing you to crush it between your thumb nails.
Common areas to search for these cunning arachnids are, between the toes (even if you have boots on they can get there) under the arm pits and also under the scrotum (I jest not people) these animals love moist and warm areas so look or get a good friend to do it for you! Other common areas are where your underwear elastic is, they will automatically stop at this restriction and decide as movement is curtailed it is a good place to dine out.
After infection by a cattle tick the prognosis is not bleak about 10 days of feeling shi**y and preceded by headaches and stiffness usually the glands closest to the bite area will be inflamed and sore. No urgent medical attention is needed as a rule and if left untreated the body builds up an immune system making the next dose (should you get bitten again) not quite as bad.
I know that most of you will be doing your thing in the US or Canada but the prevention is the same and if you are walking in Africa ever be reassured that all is not lost if you get infected.
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