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Lyme Disease and Petsmart?

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Being that I have no health insurance - I am fairly certain that I have Lyme disease, I was wondering if anyone has turned to pet stores for meds.

When I was into fish I remember Doxycycline was avalible at most well stocked pet stores.

Any experience with this?
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A percentage of the people that have the antibodies for lyme have never been treated and there immune system fought it off with out any problem.

Lyme disease is diagnosed clinically based on symptoms, so if you never have the symptoms you like will only know years later if a doctor checks to rule it out because of a other unknown disorder you have.

Hold off till you show symptoms of lyme as you may not need treatment.

Yes humans can use many of the animal antibiotics.
In many cases they are made by the same companies and the only difference is labeling.

I get my medications free from the VA so i have no reason to use animal antibiotics.
But if TSHTF and i needed animal antibiotics to stay alive i would use them without question.
1 - 1 of 35 Posts
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