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Lyme Disease and Petsmart?

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Being that I have no health insurance - I am fairly certain that I have Lyme disease, I was wondering if anyone has turned to pet stores for meds.

When I was into fish I remember Doxycycline was avalible at most well stocked pet stores.

Any experience with this?
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It really is bad the way they treat lyme disease. I took my kids in last summer and told them the kids had lyme disease and we needed the scrip.

I was looked at like I was nuts and told 'we don't have lyme disease here'. Well, you do now! It took me several days and several different doctors and tests before they would even DO the lyme check. They came back saying only ONE of the kids was positive and would only give the scrip for that one.

2 days later I was back with 2 more, both with the rings, and they were calling in other doctors and nurses to come look because they had no idea what it looked like. a couple days later was back with another 1 and when I went in I was told that word had got around and if I came back the hospital wanted permission to take pictures for their training. :thumb: Happy to be of service. I said I'd give permission IF they treated all the kids since they were ALL in the same area playing and ALL had been bitten by ticks the same day. It took me over an hour to search and pick all the ticks off them that day.

The kids each had 1 round of anti-biotics except 1. The youngest had 5 rounds before it was gone.

Here's a lyme ring if anyone's interested. ETA: That ring is NOT where he was bit. The bite itself was at the base of his neck.
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You need a new DR. PA has a big problem with Lyme's, my Sister had it some of her kids and a bunch of her friends all had it, she's in the Lancaster area, When I called my DR. he said come on in sounds like Lyme's I'll take a look and get you a blood test, it's bad in NJ. I was covered with those rash/rings mostly on my my back, nasty thing to get if you don't catch it early, never did find the tick, that kind of bothers me, I hope it's not running around the house.
Lymes IS common in PA but mostly in dogs and woodsmen. Not in children. So the pediatric doctors we were seeing did not have the experience with it. And after the first ones not ALL of them had the rings. And since there were several with it at the same time they assumed it was something contagious - lymes isn't. All these things together confused them.

My EYE doctor recognized it on sight. I went for an appointment and had a couple kids with me. He noticed the ring on Robin's cheek and asked if she was being treated. Said he'd had it long ago and was still having effects from it years later. My Dad also had lymes awhile ago with NO rings and after a couple years he still has issues from it with aches and pains and tiredness at odd times.

This is why I show the photos locally to people so it's recognized. It's a nasty thing to deal with, especially for children, and the ticks around here do carry it.
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