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Lyme Disease and Petsmart?

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Being that I have no health insurance - I am fairly certain that I have Lyme disease, I was wondering if anyone has turned to pet stores for meds.

When I was into fish I remember Doxycycline was avalible at most well stocked pet stores.

Any experience with this?
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Agreed. I watched a good documentry about Lyme and how poorly it gets diagnosed and treated. After you get labled with a mental disorder you can go into debt by tens of thousands of dollars by the time doctors start treatment for lyme - even then, their is no general guidline for treatment. Even then, the CDC guidlines were written by doctors who are being paid by drug companies that produce meds for lyme. Its an epidemic that the government wont admit to.

Im going to start the antibiotics in a few days, see how it goes.
I saw that too and found it to be queit appauling they way this is handled if treated at all in the US.

The comment about alergic reactions to the antibiotics should be taken seriously as some of them can be quiet debilitating and questionably worse than the illness your trying to treat.
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