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Lost Recomendation For AK 80% Reciever Blanks

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A while back I posted a link (on some thread which I cannot for the life of me find now) to some guy in Las Vegas who sold 80% completed AK 47 (prebent with rails welded in already) blanks for around 50 hondos or so. I met him personally at a gun show, but I cannot find this link or his business card.

I know he lives and does business out of Las Vegas--does anyone know this guy, or remember where to find the link I posted--or which tread?

Any help would be nice.

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I have some link to other manufactures, but this guy put in the rails in also.
The other's don't.

Okay found it.... thanks for the guy who PM me!

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Hope that he gets the website up and at em like before... Definitely a good look!
Also look at Nodakspud for their recievers.

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