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Great idea! This will serve as a reminder to me as a checklist of what I wrote and what I can stick by. Updating with word strickthroughs when each item is done.

2012 for me:

Store my superpails in the crawspace of my home. I know it will be an issue on rotation, but I'll have the longer shelf life (beans/rice) stored in these.

Store an inflateable raft, 6 pack of bottled water, chem sticks, matches, solar blanket in the attic in case there is a flood and I have to get on the roof. Attach a small axe to the top of my chimney (out of view for asthetics) but ready in case I have to cut through my roof.

Windturbine project is about done, mid march is set plan date to errect.

Start getting more familar with solar, starting with small 15watt panels and moving my way up.

Start project on outside smoker with two 50gallon barrels. Will post the info on this as I go along.

Increase my water barrels coming off my roof from 3 to overflow into 3 more.

Survey is currently being done/recorded for orchid. Will post photos when saplings are planted.

Beehive: Bees are being ordered this month. Clean up the old equipment, order new if old is outdated. March, bees will arrive.
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