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As 2012 approaches, some of us might be thinking about news years resolutions. Along with the typical lose weight and stop smoking resolutions, I would like everyone to post suggestions related to how prepared you and your family are. Where do you need to make improvements. On top of your own preps, what do you family members need to do to improve?

For example, my step-daughters have no can rotation system setup. I thought about buying them some wire racks and then help them get some kind of system going to help them keep their can goods rotated.

In 2011 I tried to focus on fishing supplies, getting a can rotation system working, stockpiling #10 cans and storing food in mylar bags.

Stockpiling food:

Right now 3 superpails are taking up an entire bottom shelf of my shelving system.

I have 2 shelf units installed, on the bottom shelf I have:

3 super pails on the bottom shelf of one unit

Up to 108 cans on the bottom shelf of one unit

I would like a better way to store my superpails. But where do things balance out? Do 3 five gallon superpails equal 108 cans?

Fishing Gear:

I would think to throw a special thank you out to the person who sent me a box of fishing gear. The person asked to remain unnamed, you know who you are, and Thank You.

Some of the stuff I have been stockpiling are trotlines, droplines (noodles), hooks, fishing line, weights,,, and so on.

Plans for 2012

Some of the things I want to do in 2012 include reviewing my seed stockpile, buy a pressure cooker, plant a small garden in my backyard.

One of the things I really hope to do in 2012 is to plant a bunch of snap beans, and use a pressure cooker to store them in jars.

I would also like to make a homemade stew with a pressure cooker.

The ammunition at the camp needs to be stored in ammo boxes instead of just sitting on the shelf.

I would like to order a sardine can of 223 or 308.

One of the main things I wan to work on in 2012 is preserving my own food. Maybe even try to make jerky with my pit, which would be a good weekend project.

Al right people, post your ideas, opinions, thoughts,,,, and anything else you plan on sharing.
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Great idea! This will serve as a reminder to me as a checklist of what I wrote and what I can stick by. Updating with word strickthroughs when each item is done.

2012 for me:

Store my superpails in the crawspace of my home. I know it will be an issue on rotation, but I'll have the longer shelf life (beans/rice) stored in these.

Store an inflateable raft, 6 pack of bottled water, chem sticks, matches, solar blanket in the attic in case there is a flood and I have to get on the roof. Attach a small axe to the top of my chimney (out of view for asthetics) but ready in case I have to cut through my roof.

Windturbine project is about done, mid march is set plan date to errect.

Start getting more familar with solar, starting with small 15watt panels and moving my way up.

Start project on outside smoker with two 50gallon barrels. Will post the info on this as I go along.

Increase my water barrels coming off my roof from 3 to overflow into 3 more.

Survey is currently being done/recorded for orchid. Will post photos when saplings are planted.

Beehive: Bees are being ordered this month. Clean up the old equipment, order new if old is outdated. March, bees will arrive.

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Well, I don't do resolutions--if it's worth doing, it's worth doing when I think of it or as soon as I can.

For 2012: More food storage. Improve my first aid supplies and capabilities. Find a good supplemental heat source for my home. Do some gardening.
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