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looking for a extremely bright flashlight with strobe feature

Brightest I can get, strobe and preferably smallish, not looking for a spotlight.

Anyone have any suggestions on what to get/where to look?

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I have one of these for about 9 months now, no troubles, SUPER bright, has strobe features. Cant beat the price.

Ultrafire WF 501b Cree Xml T6 3 Mode Cree Led Flashlight 900 Lumens -
Yup, I have a few of those too.

I dumped non-rechargeables 4 years ago and moved to 18650 li-ion cells. Primary reason is, I occasionally get used laptop battery packs at my local second hand. These usually have 6-8 18650 li-ion cells. For chargers, there's a reasonable selection of 120vac wallwarts & 12vdc auto chargers available to charge these. Even a small solar PV can be used, but caution must be exercised doing this.

My most recent purchase was this one:

It'll accommodate either the 18650 or the 26650 cells - in single cell, or by screwing on the optional tube extender, you can stack cells which double the run time. Amazing light, but slightly larger in diameter.

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The UltraFire WF-501B mentioned above is very bright, and the price is right, but I've had two of them burn out on me. Both happened when replacing the battery. Came on super bright for a split second like a camera flash, then fried and wouldn't come on anymore. And yes I'm certain the battery was put in the correct way.

The UltraFire WF-502B on the other hand has worked great for me for the past several months and has survived several battery changes with no problems. Search for them on Amazon. Slightly different look than the 501-B, 3 brightness modes (low, medium, high), SOS mode and strobe.

If you don't mind spending $100 or so you can get the Fenix TK41. I have the older model, the TK40 but basically the same thing. It is INSANELY bright and also has strobe (along with several other modes). The thing I like best about this flashlight is that it uses 8x AA batteries, which are much cheaper and easier to find than CR123's.

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I bought a Nebo Redline and I liked it so much I bought two more. The brightness is adjustable to save battery but the max setting is pretty bright. It is a small flashlight, fits easily in your hand. It has a strobe setting as well as a SOS strobe setting. I got them for around $50.


#5620 REDLINE® Select
Product SKU: 5620
Product Price: $49.99

The REDLINE® Select combines maximum performance with extreme convenience. 2950 LUX is maximum performance, but what is extreme convenience? The REDLINE® Select is named ‘Select’ for a reason. To improve functionality of the 5 lighting modes, a smart select dial has been added to quickly and conveniently choose your lighting mode while the light is on or off. This feature keeps you from having to cycle through each setting to get to the mode that you need. And, extreme convenience.

• High-power 2950 LUX LED

• High: 2950 LUX – 2 Hours / 198 Meters (310 Lumens)
• Medium: 1230 LUX – 5 Hours / 96 Meters
• Low: 305 LUX – 12 Hours / 37 Meters
• S.O.S.: 1100 LUX – 60 Hours / 198 Meters
• Strobe: 1100 LUX – 60 Hours / 198 Meters

• Anodized aircraft-grade aluminum;
water and impact-resistant
• Convex lens
• Smart Select Dial
• Tactical edge
• 4x adjustable beam
• Steel belt/pocket clip
• Magnetic base
• Battery indicator - button glows red when battery life reaches 20%

• Rear-positioned, glow-in-the-dark ON/OFF button

• Lanyard included

• Powered by 3 AAA batteries (2 sets included)

• Length: 5”
• Diameter: 1” (Barrel) 1.5” (Head)
• 0.7 lbs.
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