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Long Post Time

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Just wondering if it's taking everyone else a very long time to post or if there's just something wrong with my system. I have high speed, fiber optic internet and my online time is super fast but when I'm in the forum, my posts take over a minute in some cases to post and a few times today, I lost connection altogether with this forum.

Anyone else experiencing the same thing? Is there some sort of a fix that you can pass on?
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Hmmm. Thanks for the response. I've had this problem off and on over the past couple of months but only in the forum. I wasn't sure if there was a way I could reconfigure my settings or something like that. When I type a message and click "submit," it's taking nearly a minute in most cases to actually post. I'm simply flipping screens and checking my email or going online for other reasons while I wait for my message to post.
Now that is weird too.
A message came up saying to wait 30 secs between posts. I hadn't even posted.
Now I've just posted twice.
If I were Kev I'd be looking at someone having planted something?
I've had a couple of the double posts too. I was wondering if there might be a virus or something. Something ain't right...that's for sure.
All I can say is that I'm glad I opened the topic. Apparently, many of us have been experiencing the same things but all of us thought it was our own computer. I'm going to sign off for now because the frustration of waiting has finally taken its toll on my patience. See ya later.
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It usually takes about a second to post or to open a thread or to open my PMs etc. Now it's taking anywhere from 10 seconds to a minute. Also, there have been numerous times that I will post something then wait and wait and wait then I will get a message that says I have to wait a certain amount of time before I can post again. On a couple of occasions, I will see two of the same post in a row. It's really wierd.
As of nearly 9:00 PM Mountain time, things seem to be running more smoothly. It seems the problem is fixed.
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