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London August 2011

London August 2011
Look and learn the lessons of the riots in multiple London boroughs over the last 2 nights, entire town centres torched and wrecked, shops businesses looted, police outnumbered for the first few hours.

(Note to Americans unlike the Rodney King Riots in LA many years ago, todays mobs can communicate and organise instantly by text, E mail and mobile phones, meaning they can constantly out manoeuvre the cops, thus the police are almost constantly outwitted)

1 The riots are nothing to do with poverty or social deprivation, many of the rioters are reported to have arrived in cars and communicated by blackberries,according to one local commentator they even shared phone numbers of excellent lawyers in advance in case they got arrested, hardly signs of poverty
2 They had social networking sites and cell phones to coordinate their actions and movements.
3 The police could only respond REACTIVELY not Proactively thus stopping or preveting the rampages spread.
4 The police and authorities CHOSE to let peoples homes and businesses be looted and burned rather than risk inflating tensions !!!!!
5 Families, Home Owners and Business owners were left to fend for themselves, many are left with only the cloths they stand in.
6 PRIME LESSON The POLICE can NOT protect you even in a modern city during a peaceful summers weekend from any gang of thugs, they can ONLY RESPOND, not PREVENT or PROTECT.
7 If you CHOOSE to live in a city you need to take steps to ensure you can PROTECT YOURSELVES from criminals and gangs, I know the police will carry out a thorough investigation AFTER the event, but they cant protect you even though it was them who campaigned to the Home Office to have laws past preventing you owning the tools designed to let you protect yourselves.

A single fit young prepper or survivalist may be able to flourish and survive in a city, but be honest could you take the risk with your family?, You are more alone and vulnerable in a multi cultural, politically correct, diverse and inclusive city than you are in the wildest of wilderness.

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Wouldn't make much difference. It's impossible to shut down all the comms in this country, only the centralised comms (internet, SMS, mobile networks). That'd confuse a few muppets and that's about it.

Apparently the "serious" rioters were all running round with PMRs which you can't just shut down.
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