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Seriously,how cool is this !! I recently posted an article here by Gerald Celente, but was warned by the mods ( quite fairly ) about being in violation of forum copyright rules.
So, on a hairbrained whim, I sent off an e-mail to Celente asking for permission to post his views here, and he consented !! :D:
I don't expect to get much mileage out of this, but I thought it was cool that he got back to me so quickly, and so positively.
Here's the entire e-mail ( with my personal info deleted).............:thumb:

Thanks for asking.

Yes, you may. Just ask ahead of time. But please keep in mind, we never permit an entire Trends Journal to be posted since it is subscription based.

Thanks again for asking.
Gerald Celente
----- Original Message ----- From: "General Request Handler" <[email protected]>
To: "Gerald Celente" <[email protected]>; "TRI Admin" <[email protected]>; "Zeke West" <[email protected]>; "Emily Arter" <[email protected]>
Sent: Thursday, August 04, 2011 11:13 AM
Subject: General_Request: "Mark R******" mark*********

> FirstName: Mark
> LastName: ********
> Address2: **********
> City: *******
> State: Ga.
> Zip: *****
> Country: USA
> WorkPhone: 706-*******
> Home: 706-********
> Email: ***********
> Comments: Dear Mr. Celente,I am a veteran member of an excellent internet forum known as "Survivalist Boards" ( under the handle "MIL-DOT) ,where I and several others have long posted your views,which are largely very well recieved.
> I recently posted a link to your piece about the "coming economic martial law", but I made the mistake of pasting the entirety of the article ( rather than just a portion) and was mildy chastised by one of our moderators for a violation of their recently enhanced copyright rules.The moderator simply deleted the text I pasted, leaving only my comments and the link to the article.
> So, what I am asking for is permission from you and your organization to post your views when I feel they will be beneficial to our membership. If this is not possible, then I understand, keep up the good work.
> Sincerely, Mark R******
> P.S. the thread I refer to can be viewed at in the Financial section.

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