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Lofty Wiseman and I are looking for some USA based help

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Hi to all,

My name is Lyndon and I work with Lofty Wiseman in the UK teaching survival. We recently released a new DVD on the subject and started selling it in Europe and the USA at the end of 2008. The DVD is based on the same survival principles as also covered in the SAS Survival Handbook - but we've managed to organise things a little more in line with how we actually teach on the video giving clear, practical, hands on demonstrations of the techniques in action.

The book is produced by Collins Harper as many of you will know and continues to be a best seller. We have a new edition due for imminent release but although demand is high for the DVD, non of our book publishing contacts deal with DVDs so we're effectively starting from scratch with regard to getting the DVD onto real shop shelves in the USA. Not being in the USA too often, frankly I'm not even sure which retailers to approach and which ones to avoid. So I was hoping that as many of the members of this forum are Americans or based in the USA, maybe some could share some insight into who we may be better to approach for distribution of this product.

Thanks for any feedback received,

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Porter - I've emailed you a response - thanks for the reply.
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