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I use the TAG rollup dump pouch after destroying a few others, the TAG is beyond destroying.

I have a Weesach as my 3rd line medium weight kit, works great its tuff and simple.

I keep my dump pouch right next to my primary magazine pouches to aid in the speedy reload. Its pretty much the same motion and takes slightly more time to retain the magazine. After a few primary mags there really is no point in retaining the magazines as im probably Knee deep in a bad situation and should focus on getting out.

My blowout kit is kept up front so I can reach it with minimal movement with either hand.

I have some of the TT mag pouches and strongly suggest you look at a open top bungee cord retained type pouch.

Velcro dose not work covered in mud and fastex buckles are a bit slow.

If your kit is like mine the belt reload would be hindered by the Sheree size of the carrier, but it may work for you.

I use a Eagle CIRAS as my heavy 3rd line

and a Black hawk Recon Commando chest rig as my light 3rd line.
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