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Not really sure if anyone would be interested, but I know I'm a news junkie and would be interested in seeing what ya'll see in the locals. Post your local news stories from your areas in this thread in your words or theirs. One thing I have noticed is that this forum has members from around the world. Been reading a "on the ground" report in another forum I belong to from Bangkok, very interesting. Good news or bad news or interesting news, I try to keep up but there is nothing better that hearing from people in the area. Case in point Michigan militia raids.

I'll start, here locally,
just for an example we have had sex, violence and politics, same old stuff
Local female teacher takes plea deal for having sex with students
Man sought with an "assault rifle" for showing a rifle when someone came over to pick up his step children.
Body found behind highschool, "latino male shot several times"
Senate race would take a bit to get into. If nobody is interested - mods - just please delete in a week.

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