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Local election and my stupid school

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Ok a bit of backround to my experiance, im currently studying at 6th form, for those that dont know thats for kids that are 17 - 18, of course that means that many of us including me can vote.

We have 5 parties running at the local election, Labour, Conservative, Lib Dem, UKIP and Green.

My school decided that it would be a good idea to bring in the local leader of each party, i think thats a great idea and gives them a chance to get their political message out.

Then it was decided that as UKIP are to "controversial, racist :)confused:) and anti EU" they would not be invited, Green party candidate failed to reply so only 3 main turned up.

I was annoyed at this point as my first ever vote i was 80% sure i was gonna go UKIP and wanted to hear from the local leader just to be sure.

Then it was revealed to us that only certain students were allowed to ask questions as to not cause and i quote exactly "the politicians to get upset with the school) and those question would be vetted and channeled through our head before being approved.

I sat there for 100 minutes listening to them reveal their stances on housing, schooling etc and the one time immigritaion was allowed to come up in a question the result was a quick knockdown from the main 3 saying we need it to have any chance of success.

What the actual **** :taped:

All that really came from this was the creation of more mindless EURO drones and more teenagers to think that there is no point to politics.

Sorry for the extremely long post but this is the exact reason why people my age to not get into politics :sleep: (or are stupid and vote liberal :thumb: )
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If we The British people can't change the mimdset of the genocidal sheeple, we are doomed and in 50 - 100 years Britain will be an Isslamic state, I won't be here but my children and their chidlren will.

Man up people of Britain because the price you pay, won't be paid by us but it will be paid by our offspring.

God bless Nick Griffin and The BNP, Britain's only hope.
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The way schools actively promote a liberal agenda is very clear and very concerning.
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