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You can get the torrent file here:

Survivorman - Les Stroud - Off The Grid

Video codec: XviD
Resolution: 512x384
Audio codec: mp3 160kbps
Duration: 1:07:24

In this poignant and personal documentary Les Stroud and Sue Jamison, along with their two young children,
share their experience leaving a world of electricity bills and water problems and going 'off the grid' as they
move to their acreage in Northern Ontario - escaping the clutches of government controlled electricity and water.

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Watched this the other night

Pretty good - this is along the lines of what I eventually hope to do. I figure he's got a bit more money than me (being survivorman and all) and was probably able to write off a lot of these expenses or get the production company to pay for some of it. Still - cool to see - and hey - if they can do it for a family of 4 - I should be able to do it for myself and the gf. In time, that is.

I hope to not encounter some of the problems they ran into - just a bit of timing there - trying to do stuff in the winter - especially in Canada? Makes for good television i guess :) Saving this on tivo for a while.

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