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Well now the Hurricane “Ike” has came and went, now is the time to review and plan for the next one. I never would have dreamed Ike would affect us here in Ohio like it did. We lost power on Sunday 9/ 14 around 4PM and it has been 7 days before everyone got it back.

I would like to pass along the items I had here ready in the house and garage that made it just a little bit easier for my family during this power outage. Now understand I have had people in the past ask me in a semi-joking manor about the items I have set, charged and ready. We had lights (House lamps) and electric fans and a small fridge which was welcome items in the heat and humidity..!

I am going to list the items with model and brands as I am happy to say nothing failed and worked even more then I thought the would have. One thing I am missing and I will get one ASAP is a portable gas generator. Even a small one will work at a time of need. You may be saying, ok no generator how did you do anything? Matter of fact if I was reading this article I would ask the same thing.

Well it was simple, Cobra Power Inverters. One in a truck (5000watt) and one in the boat (800 watt). Between the two I had enough power to run at least one lamp and one fan and the fridge for the two days we were out of power. I also have to give credit to Delco Voyager Marine batteries (Engine Cranking ) for lasting longer then I even would have dreamed of!

On one fully charged battery I was able to have 22 hours of power..! I used it Sunday night and Monday night to run a floor lamp and fan. I had three other batteries to use over the power outage so we run the fridge and another fan and charger for the cell phone with the other batteries and power inverter in the truck. I had two extension cords running from the garage to the house and I did not have to worry about gas and noise from a generator.

I also want to bring up the perfect performance from my two C Crane radios, the CC radio and the Freeplay Plus. Just turn the crank for about a minute on the back of the Freeplay Plus and you have AM – FM and 2 shortwave bands plus a removable / retractable Led light. For around an hour. The CCRadio I had run on D batteries and it was on the entire time listening to weather station reports, and even a couple of TV shows on the TV band. On the CCRadio you have FM – AM -TV & WX bands. That is how I listened to the Steelers Browns Monday night game!

For flashlights, well I had SureFire. Never failed and always on when I needed them. I walked around the streets as the entire town was out, no street lights, nothing but the sound of the generators from the Police station and Fire Station along with just a few families with generators. I think within a 10 block area around my house only two families had generators. People were walking around with their little flashlights from Mag-Lite and they could not hold a candle to the SureFire lights. I could not tell you how many people asked me, “What the heck kind of light is that?” I know a lot of people went to Cabela’s and to Lowes to buy SureFire lights..!

Food and cooking, all I can say is thank God for Coleman camping products! I was able to cook on the RoadTrip grill the RoadTrip slow cooker, Coleman’s camp oven (I had to cook the ribs that thawed out!) You can cook/bake up to a 9X13 pan in this and it can turn it up to 500 degrees! I used their propane skillet for breakfast which worked perfect. All of these products work on the small propane cans and if you get the 5 foot adapter hose you can run them off your 20 pound propane tank. Also used the hot water on demand and the camp coffee maker.

I also had two use two of my Coleman coolers, the stainless steel model and big xtreme one that will hold up to 128 cans of pop! They both held my drinks and food the entire time without any problems.

Cobra two way handhelds worked with the VOX system for us to communications with the block, making sure people had help when needed or just wanted to spend some time talking.

Last but not least while “Patrolling” the area with a few others watching out for people who might have taken the chance to steal since most of the alarms and security cameras were down after 12 hours… I broke out the Night Owl Night Vision, I used the iGen and the tactical headgear binoculars set. I am happy to say they were great and also we did not find anyone “Helping themselves” to other people’s property.

I want to say that some of the same people that “questioned” my reasoning for having these items around and ready are the same people that asked to use and try out these items.

Truck inverter: CPI 2550
I have to put this in here also… Read what this inverter will run..!
Power Inverter Sizing Guide

Application Typical
Watts CPI 2550
Can Opener 100 X X X X
Electric Knife 100 X X X X
12" 3-Speed Fan 250 X X X X
Mixer/Blender 300 X X X X
Food Processor 400 X X X X
Portable Vacuum 550 X X X
Mini-Refrigerator 600 X X X
Toaster Oven 1000 X X
Coffee Maker 1000 X X
Microwave Oven 1000 min. X X
Audio/Video Equipment
Video Game System 20 X X X X
12" Black and White TV 30 X X X X
Video Cassette Recorder (VCR) 30 X X X X
Mini CD Changer System 50 X X X X
13" Color TV 80 X X X X
19" Color TV 160 X X X X
25" Color TV 220 X X X X
13" Color TV/VCR Combo 230 X X X X
2 Amp Stereo Amplifier 240 X X X X
Mobile Office Equipment
Inkjet/Bubblejet Printer 40 X X X X
Laptop Computer 50 X X X X
Fax Machine 120 X X X X
14" Color Monitor 125 X X X X
Laser Printer 800 X X X
Battery Chargers
Laptop Computer Charger 25 X X X X
Cellular Phone Charger 25 X X X X
Camcorder Charger 25 X X X X
7.2V Cordless Drill Charger 25 X X X X
Cordless Saw Charger 35 X X X X
Hot Melt Glue Gun 40 X X X X

Power Tools
Finishing Sander 190 X X X X
1/4" Drill 300 X X X X
Soldering Gun 300 X X X X
6" Bench Grinder 400 X X X X
790 F Heat Gun 400 X X X X
3/8" Reversible Drill 700 X X X
10 Gallon Wet/Dry Vacuum 900 X X
6" Circular Saw 950 X X
Router 1000 X X
1200 F Heat Gun 1000 X X
Disk Sander 1200 X X
14" Chain Saw 1200 X X
1/6 hp Submersible Sump Pump 880 X X
1/4 hp Submersible Sump Pump 925 X X
1/3 hp Submersible Sump Pump 1050 X X
1/2 hp Submersible Sump Pump 1400 X X

To determine required wattage for a device. Look up required Amps a device is rated.
This Amperage is found on device I.D. tag in back of unit.
Multiply Amps X Volts = Watts

Cobra has gotten out of the Marine Inverter model, but I am sure you can find one still for a while on-line. It is the 800 model.

Cobra two ways:

Coleman Camping Gear:
Stainless Cooler:

Xtreme Cooler:

Camp Oven:

Road Trip cooker:

Road Trip Grill:

Propane Skillet:

Hot Water on Demand:

Camp Coffee maker:

SureFire lights:

C Crane Radios:

Night Owl Optics: (Look under Tactical Series)

iGen series: Night Owl iGen Day/Night 3x Monocular: Sports & Outdoors

Now I know there is a lot to look at but trust me, in a time of need you will be glad you have this ready. You can pack a bunch of these items in the coolers and have the rest around them and marked in the same area ready to go in an emergency. You will be glad you did and remember to check on your neighbors just to make sure they are ok. You can even show them these items as you get your gear ready and you never know, they my join you in getting there kits!

I hope you never need to use this, but why not be ready?

Ding... Thanks for playin
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Thank you...
Like I said these are a few items I use and have no problem giving these items "5" stars...!

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I am amazed at how long that inverter would work. I will czech them out more closely.
My generator can charge 12V batteries while it's powering other stuff so and inverter that efficient would be handy.
Luckily, I was one of the very few down here that never lost power from Ike.

Ding... Thanks for playin
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Nobody was more surprised then I was... I told my wife we maybe had a few hours of power. But I told her between the three batt's we would be ok.
The inverter was never even hot, it blew my mind. I even wrote Cobra and told them how well this worked...

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