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I was making up some gas heater manifold assemblies for one of my customers the other day and as part of that had to form some of the gas pipes out of aluminum tubing.
Looking at one pipe in particular, I thought “That looks just like a tent peg. I wonder if it would work?”

Well, I made up a set of 6 and they work a treat with my tarp bivouac. I also made some using a bigger tube that would be more suitable for harder ground.

Here is how I made them:
Type 1 is the normal hooked end type of tent peg. I cut 12” of 1/4” diameter tubing. This is a hard extruded tube with a 0.060” wall thickness. I bent one end in my pipe bender and then cut the other end in my bandsaw to a 60º angle, like a hypodermic needle end to make it easy to push into the ground.

Type 2 is a straight peg, with a hole in the end that can be used to thread a thin cord (550 cord) through.
This one was made of 3/8” diameter hard extruded tube, again with a 0.060” wall thickness, cut to 10” long, with one end cut to the 60º angle. The other end is drilled approximately 3/16” diameter through both sides, about 3/8” from the end. The holes are deburred with a small countersink. This peg is sturdy enough to be beaten into place with a rock or hammer.

The advantage of the tubing is it is lighter than aluminum of the same diameter, and the hard grade means it is very tough to bend. They get a bit of dirt inside the tubing, but it shakes out fairly easily when it dries.

A set of 6 of the first type of pegs weighted just over 100grams ( 3.7 oz). Six of the second type weighed about the same. This included the pipecleaner ties for holding them in bundles.
Incidently, I use pipecleaners a lot for tying cables together behind electrical gear and computers. They are easily removed and replaced unlike the normal nylon cable tie, and don't have any detrimental effect on signals. The only problem is that pipesmokers seem to be an endangered species, and it is getting harder to find the pipecleaners. I had to go to the local head shop to get the last lot I bought.

I also made an S hook out of the 1/4” tube. This I tested to over 40lbs load without deformation so it gives some idea of how tough the tubing is. I might cut angles on the ends of this hook to make a super lightweight butchers hook, good for hanging light game.


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I actually have something similar that was aquired a few years ago, good to see people making thier own though,

Good onya :thumb:
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