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okay, I went around with the iPhone and took pictures of our power system. I can't put pictures into the forum with the phone, so you'll have to visit the blog for pictures, but here is our system:

4 Rolls 6v deep cycle batteries wired as a 24v array.
Outback MX60 MPPT charge controller
Outback VFX 3524 inverter/charger
2 Mitsubishi 140w, 12v panels wired to 24v
Generic 3500w harbor freight gen set for everyday charging, overhead.
Honda 5500 / 7000 peak gen set for pumping water, heavy equipment.

Our best solar generation was 1.4kwh in late summer. Our batteries are possibly toasted from initial storage, but we are experimenting before going through the return process. Right now, even considering line loss, we're pissing away at least 2kwh a day to keep the batteries topped off.

Ah, that cheap and simple country life... Don't you believe it!

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