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Just got a Leatherman Skeletool CX for my B-day (thanks Cam) and thought I would review it for all of you who may be interested. I'll start off by giving Leatherman compliments on the 25 year warrenty they offer on defective workmanship or materials. From the sounds of it they will fix or replace it for free if it is returned to the company or an authorized repair center. My Skeletool arrived by mail in the standard heavy duty plastic packaging which almost required a multi-tool to open. I was first struck by how compact and light this multi-tool really is.

Only slightly longer and wider than a full sized Swiss Army Knife, and much thinner (4x1x1/2"). Weight seems to be as advertised, about 5 oz. The frame of the Skeletool is made of stainless steel and has a 'Tungsten DLC Scratch-resistant Coating' which gives the entire frame a nice gunmetal color. The 'Carbon-fiber Handle Scale' on the blade side of the tool seems to be decorative more than anything, but does give the Skeletool a higher cool factor. Unlike many multi-tools, the Skeletool has a 2 1/2" blade that is accessible without opening the actual tool itself.

The blade on the CX is half serrated and has a thumb hole for one handed operation. When open, the blade locks in that position with a spring leaf similar to most folding lock blades. Blade material is 154CM steel which is 'heat treated and offers higher hardness and wear resistance, and enhanced corrosion resistance compared to 440C'. The knife came very sharp, and should hold a good edge and stand up well if used normally. On one end of the Skeletool there is a small carabiner/bottle opener and a hole for a belt loop attachment.

Also, on the same side, there is a belt clip and a slot for the secondary screwdriver bits (included). Opening the tool is standard, and exposes the pliers and the screwdriver (knife must be closed to do this).

The screwdriver is actually a locking slot that accepts either end of the two bits. One bit being a large and small philips and the other a large and small slot blade. As mentioned, whichever bit is not being used can be stored in the outer handle. An available option is the additional bit set with holster, which looks like it would be great for working on computers. The pliers are described on the packaging as being both standard and needle nose, however the taper is very narrow and I would describe them more as needle nose than anything else.

The pliers have soft and hard (read fishhook) wirecutters incorporated into them.

The grips when using the pliers is very handy when holding them one direction and rather awkward when holding them the other way. I would recommend keeping the large philips driver facing out when using the pliers as the slot drivers are rather sharp and will be resting directly on the palm.

All in all I am impressed with the size and weight of the Skeletool. IMHO it is marketed towards those who want a basic, small and lightweight tool for daily carry and who may not need a wood saw and two different files. I feel like it could use a small set of Swiss Army type scissors and that perhaps the pliers could be just a bit wider at the base. I would recommend this tool to those who don't use their multitool all that often or on large projects. I would also recommend it to anyone who works on or with computers often, as is it small enough to get into tight places and do what is needed and has the optional bit set available. It would be a terrific addition to a glove box, overnight bag or 3 day pack and for daily carry. Its exactly what I need anyway, hope you all find this helpful.


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