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So I did not want to shell out 40$ for a leather Rifle Sling. So I used a leather belt!

I purchased this 100% leather belt from Goodwill for $2.99 Ralph Lauren also :D:

1) Leather Belt
2) 2- Chicago screws (leather shop or ebay 25 for about $3)
3) 2- Uncle Mike's swivels

Optional 3) Leather punch

Step 1: Remove the buckle

Step 3: Place swivel in loop and punch hole

Step 4: Screw it down

Step 5: Place swivel on tag end

Full Sling:

EDIT- More info: Just saw online that someone did this before also. Basically the exact same process. I actually like his design for an adjustable strap!

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Great post! I've done this sort of thing before, and it works great! I like the idea of cutting the belt in the middle for the 2 ends and leaving the buckle for adjustment.

My favorite sling is the one on my M44 scout, which uses a single 100 foot piece of paracord.
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