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Kydex Sheaths:
Buy Brown - Makes Busse's Sheaths for him
Edgeworks - Mainly holsters
* CDN - On Scene Tactical
Red Hill
* River City
* Survival Sheaths
* Wookie

Leather Sheaths
Andy's Leather
Armoral Leather
Azrael's Leather
Back Room Leather
CDN - Vess Leatherworks
Custom Leather
Chuddy Bear - Makes Busse's Sheaths for him
Dundee's Rig
J R E Ind.
* K S F
* Mikey Moto
* Murray Custom
Randy Lee
Rankin Saddlery
Sharpshooter Sheaths
* Tree Stump
Twin Blades
*** Wild Rose Trading Company
NDL - Martin Sheaths - Blog -- magnificent sheaths

Kydex Holsters
Blade Tech
* Crossbreed
Eagle Ind
GER - Höppner & Schumann
* Grandfather’s Oak
Holsters Plus
* ISL - Fobus USA
* ISL - Front Line
JS Holsters
Ky-Tac - site is down
RM Kydex
Side Armor
* Spectre Gear
* Stellar Rigs
Tactical Tools
The Mako Group

* = First hand knowledge of

I included holster makers as they will make knife sheaths as well...

I love the hybrid holster...leather surrounding a Kydex inner sheath--retention, beauty, durability, what more could you ask for...

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I posted this on another thread on restoring a hardened leather sheath:

If you can find Leatherique it is the finest product out there--what Maybach, Bentley and Rolls Royce use on their leatherwork.
Rejuvenator Oil
A complex blend of pH correct proteins and collagens with no petroleum distillates, wax or silicone. Used by museums, auto enthusiasts, professional leather restorers and endorsed by car clubs to maintain and extend the life of fine leather.

Go to any saddle shop or equestrian place and they'll all have leather conditioners, cleaners, restores etc...
Some names to consider:

Bickmore--great old time name of excellent products--try the Bick 4 Leather Conditioner,

Leather CPR--great stuff by all accounts but we have never used it since it's just come into the store,

Leather Therapy--nice since they have a 1 oz. sample pack ($2.00) of their excellent equestrian line Leather Therapy Restorer which is about all you'd need

and the truly wonderful stuff MOSS--totally natural.

Was just up to the saddle shop and those are all the brands he carries.

Word of mouth says that Lexol makes some good products as well but the saddler doesn't carry any and we've never used any so no other type of knowledge is available.

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Chestnut Ridge Knife Shop! They did an amazing job for my Gerber Silver Trident which is not an easy knife to make one for due to the handguards.
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